we have a surprise…

Greetings from Dodoma, Tanzania.  Christie and I are currently en route (along with the McNeal and Groen families) to Iringa, Tanzania. We will begin language school there on Monday morning.  We drove 10 1/2 hours today and have another 4 before our arrival tomorrow. Iringa will then be our home until mid-August.  But I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time later to tell you about that.

It’s been a while since I’ve written, because we’ve been on the road quite a bit.  We left the Monday morning after Easter on a 2+ week trip around Lake Victoria.  The purposes and goings on of the trip are too many to name — so I’ll simply give you an abbreviated list of highlights from our last three weeks:

  • Christie and Holly went to the East African Missionaries Women’s Retreat in Kenya.
  • Carson and I learned about agricultural development being done in Kenya and Uganda.
  • I learned a great deal about beekeeping, and intend for it to be one of my new hobbies.
  • We met lots of missionaries in the East Africa community, and were really made to feel at home here by them.
  • We checked out healthcare facilities in our surrounding areas.
  • We took inventory of where we can buy what and for how much (ie. appliances and western groceries).
  • I bought a used pair of Clarks shoes for $11.
  • We bought a used truck for a lot more than that.  (I should expound on this one just a bit…) Christie and I found out about a missionary group in Mwanza selling a ’98 Toyota Landcruiser. We are in the process of raising funds to buy a new vehicle (one that we know can last us our full time commitment here), but we were offered what we believe is a pretty good deal on this truck.  We think we can continue raising the funds for a more long-term vehicle, and then sell this one for the same price we paid.  So we intend for this one to serve us for 8 months or so. Now we’re able to drive places in the meantime (such as language school), and it’s also nice to know with certainty that we have a truck to drive before the baby arrives…
  • We’re pregnant!

I pray that our gracious God will fill you with love to the point of overflowing — so that all those around you will receive a love that is deeper than that which you have to give, a love that is unending, a love that is beyond what our human minds can comprehend.  I pray that God shows himself to you in mighty ways, that you may experience him more fully than ever before.  I pray that you find your peace — and your joy — only in our Lord God.


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