baylor says, “happy new year!”

Very soon I’ll get back to writing my little “mini-series” on goal-setting (not that any of you are holding your breath).  But on January 1st, I’d prefer to take a break from writing and instead post pictures of the daughter.  I know I’m probably breaking some unwritten rule of internet blogging — like “don’t post family pictures on a missions/ministry blog” or “don’t post pictures of your children on the internet” or “don’t post pictures of such a cute little girl — you’ll make all other parents feel bad…” But I realized today that most of my friends in the states have only seen three or four pictures of Baylor so far.  So on aliens and strangers, she trumps all conventional rules of internet blog usage.

Baylor is 4 weeks old today.  Tomorrow she’ll start the long journey to her new hometown of Geita, and should spend her first night there next Tuesday.  Her mom and I will meet her there later next week after catching up on our sleep a bit.  A lot of people think it’s odd that we’d let our daughter travel on her own at such a young age, and in a strange country in Africa where she doesn’t speak the language.  But we’re her parents, and you’re not.  Plus, there are more English speakers between here and Geita than you’d think….



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3 responses to “baylor says, “happy new year!”

  1. ted

    so, is she like crawling home, or what?

  2. more of a scoot of sorts. she can, while on her stomach, put her bottom up in the air and push with her feet. but she just kind of slides on her shoulders, because her arms won’t hold her up yet. she’s apparently got the upper body strength of her baba…

  3. michael

    She’s a cutie…Hope that she makes it safely. Coop just turned 1 month on the 1st. He hasn’t gotten to go to the beach yet though.

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