more than forgiveness

Christie and I are in Mwanza this week, trying to obtain a residence permit for Baylor and buying household items we can’t get in Geita.  Today’s agenda involves picking up some medicines from some missionary friends of ours, buying a couple of electric fans for the house, paying some post office box fees and signing for some packages, shopping for a dish-drying rack, putting the McNeal’s truck in the garage (though this one may already be taken care of), making sure a truck carrying our chest freezer and oven reaches katunguru safely, and checking on available flights and tickets for our families (who are coming to meet Baylor in February and March).  Because our time in Mwanza has been so busy, I’ve not been working on the series on giving; I’ll pick that back up once we return to Geita.  For today, I thought I’d post a couple of concepts that have been on my mind.  Later I may develop these further:

  • Until we are living transformed and obedient lives in our communities, there will be no successful “strategy” for evangelism and mission.  There may be religion without discipleship or adherence to a belief system without obedience to a God — but there will be no successful mission.
  • I would do well to think of the cross not only as an expression of Christ’s death on my behalf, but also in terms of my own death to the world and its death to me.  
  • Baptism is my identification with God in Christ.  It’s a point of reference of sorts.  It communicates who I am today, but also tells the story of who I once was and who I am becoming, now that my identity is in Christ.
  • What all of these thoughts seem to have in common is that Christianity can’t be summed up by finding forgiveness of sins in Christ.  Jesus brings a lot more to the table than just that.  And we’re going to have to deal with it if we want to experience life as he intends, and invite others into that life.

God bless you as you seek to serve him today.


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