brett’s morning blend (09feb10)

I‘ve decided to each week offer a mix of internet content I’ve found interesting.  Probably we’re looking at every Tuesday — and we might be looking at more humor than theology…  Click on the links to see more:

The Cowardly Preacher

How do we preach the word of God?  Do we claim to have a perfect understanding of it — and then bind that understanding on others, no questions asked?  Do we preach scripture only in light of current trends and modern-day culture, basically explaining it away as irrelevant in and of itself?  Or do we struggle with the text, sometimes admitting that we just don’t get it?  Your thoughts?

Dinosaurs and Jesus

Have you ever wanted to see Jesus riding a tyrannosaurus rex?  Or rocking a baby allosaurus to sleep?  These questions are rhetorical, of course.  Who would turn their back on such joy?!  And Jason Boyett, author of the Pocket Guides, is just the man to bring you these pictures.

The Customer is Not Always Right

This entire site is nothing but funny and/or stupid conversations between customers and employees.  Warning, if you like to think of our race as generally being resourceful, sensible, or intelligent, don’t go to this site.

A Fond Farewell to Hank

We don’t watch much television in Tanzania.  So when I left the states, I said goodbye to most all programming.  I didn’t realize then, though, that I was saying my last farewell to Hank Hill.  I’ve only just now learned that Hank, of King of the Hill fame, abdicated his throne in September of last year.  He will be missed.

In Memory of Hank — A Few Quotes

My personal favorite:

If Bobby doesn’t love football, he won’t lead a fulfilling life,
and then he’ll die.

Dance Praise?

“Dance Praise puts a whole new spin… on today’s high-energy dancing games by combining two of today’s most popular entertainment trends – contemporary Christian music and dance arcades. ”  I’m not falling for it.  No way — this is a trick.  You know, a spoof done by some youth minister.  Fake.  It’s not real.  There’s no way it could be.  I’m no fool.  Can you imagine being bamboozled by this hoax?  Nope — not me; no internet expert web designer’s gonna’ take me for that ride.  You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning.  Definitely this is not true. I can say that without any hesitation…  I think.

Why 4WD is Needed in Geita

These pictures were taken the other day in light rain.  And I mean only a drizzle — I wish I’d had the camera with me on a heavy rain day…


road between the harrison and mcneal homes


our truck (took an hour to start that morning) offering a tow


a tow that required more than the landcruiser could offer





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5 responses to “brett’s morning blend (09feb10)

  1. Thanks for the change of pace Brett. I really liked the Cowardly Preacher one. Even made a comment there.

  2. Carley

    Geita is so pretty and green! 🙂 It’s raining here this morning.

  3. is it still hot there? because our mornings are soooo comfortable. i miss dar’s beaches and pizza, but not its weather. are you guys still coming to visit?

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