2000 liters and 20 feet

The last three days have been 11-hour work days — and by work, I mean real work.  I was missing my landscaping job at Community Care… until this week.  Now I’ve about had my fill.  I like manual labor, but I like it in 8-hour days with lunch breaks.  This week I’ve been doing everything from digging holes and trenches to building mosquito net frames to busting up rocks to setting water towers.  But I’ve had a lot of help — and I didn’t do any of the actual welding on the tower myself (though I learned a lot about it).

The water tower is unique in that it is/was the last piece of the puzzle required for us to actually live in the house.  There’s a lot still undone, but nothing major (for Tanzania).  Provided the plumbing works when we fill this joker with water, we’ll sleep in our own home tomorrow night.  Here’s a picture sequence:

off-loading the tower from the kroppach's truck -- it was welded at their vocational school.

uprighting the tower -- winch on one side, "man-power" on the other.

baylor and i taking a break before pouring concrete.

nearly four feet of pipe under concrete.

a whole lot of concrete to mix with a couple of shovels -- but i only carried and poured.

lifting the tank to the top, which was pretty easy until...

...this point. we dropped the tank once (but only from about five feet).

almost finished product -- tomorrow we'll fill the tank with water.




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5 responses to “2000 liters and 20 feet

  1. Ike

    You would be done if you would have put the water in the tank before you put it in place:)

  2. You make me tired just reading it. 🙂 Glad you are this close to moving in. Had to choke with Ike’s answer. LOL

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