brett’s morning blend (16feb10)

I left yesterday for a men’s retreat with (and for) missionaries all over east Africa.  The retreat’s in Kenya, and I do not have a computer here (nor do I wish to use one this week).  However, I decided to schedule a few things to post while I was gone.  I was able to sleep one night in our new house before leaving the country.  We ate our first meal in the house that evening with the Groens; they brought dinner over, so Christie and I could focus just on getting the house in (a somewhat) working order.  It was nice, then, for Christie, Baylor and I to enjoy our first night in the house together.  It was also nice to sleep on my own pillow for the first time since March of last year.  I’ve missed the pillow; but we are together once again.

And now for morning blend:

Mentoring — Adjusting Core Values

If you read my blog often, it’s no secret that I enjoy reading what David Watson has to say.  Check out this excerpt of his latest post.

“(T)he fact is that when we are under extreme stress we think and respond at our Core Value levels.  You see, Core Values are not a list of nice thoughts and desired behaviors we have put on paper.  Core Values are the default position from which we make decisions and take actions without the need for excessive thought.  Therefore, when we are under stress and have minimal time or energy to give to thought, our Core Values are revealed in what we think, say, or do; as well as what we choose not to think, say, or do.” 

David then goes on to discuss the job of a mentor in helping those he’s mentoring to adjust their core values.

The Sacred Sandwich

This site exists to further advance the authority of the Bible in the lives of believers.  But they’re also really, really funny.  Please see Philippe, the Postmodern Evangelist posted on February 11.

Rondo Christian Retreat Center

This is where I am right now, while you’re reading this blog post.  Mark Love from Rochester College is our guest speaker.  What a gig… being asked to come speak at a missionary conference in a rain forest in east Africa.


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