begetting leprechauns

So I never knew being a father meant getting my own personal little leprechaun:

she does sneaky and mischievous...


... almost as well as she dances little jigs for her baba.


Baylor’s sporting a “daddy’s lucky charm” shirt my cousin Hailey bought for her.  We all wore green today in Geita, and were privileged to celebrate both St. Patrick’s Day AND our teammate Calvin’s birthday.  It was a happy birthday for the tallest leprechaun of all. 

Tomorrow we’re off to Mwanza, where my mother and aunt (Hailey’s mom) will begin their journey back to the states after a short jaunt in the city where rests me personal pot o’ gold — a supply of diet cokes, that is.  

But what I wouldn’t do for a box of Lucky Charms, complete with tasty marshmallows the consistency of a florist’s green foam bricks….

Sugary breakfast cereals are like edible dreams of hot air balloon rides and never-ending water slides.



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7 responses to “begetting leprechauns

  1. Ike

    Hard to believe your little angel is a sinner. Still praying that the Lord will take her and give her to His Son!

  2. ike, is it the dancing that gives it away? thank you for praying for my daughter. i can’t think of anything i’d rather people pray for…

  3. Chris

    She’s darling, darling, darling! I’ve enjoyed watching her grow through your website and Christie’s.

  4. Hailey

    i’ve decided that i’m completley and utterly upset that i didn’t get to tag along, but Brett and Christie, Baylor is beautiful, and you both deserve to have and amazing daughter such as her, love you guys so much! Can’t wait to see y’all!! (:

  5. chris, hopefully you’ll get to meet her in person soon. when are you guys coming to tanzania, anyway?

    hailey, i’m also sorry you didn’t get to tag along. are you happy to have your mom back, though? did she bring you some good stuff?

  6. Hailey

    oh yes im so glad to have her back!! (: and some wonderful stuff i got indeed! ill get your email from her, so maybe we can actually talk.haha (:

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