brett’s morning blend (30mar10)

Putting Short-Term Missions in Their Place

I’ve long been torn as to how I feel about short-term mission trips.  On one hand, it’s extremely unlikely that I would’ve become a missionary living long-term in Tanzania if I’d not gone on short trips to Mexico in high school, and England during college.  Even when I moved to China (where I ended up staying three years), I was only planning to be there for ten months.

At the same time, though, there’s an awful lot of money spent on short-term missions, and I could argue much better ways to use those pesas for the kingdom.

Anyway, Bill Taylor gives his take on both the benefits and shortcomings of short-term missions.

The Top 100 Church Blogs

This link is pretty self-explanatory.  I didn’t make the list… probably because I’m male, white, middle-class, and Christian.

How Millennial Are You? — A Quiz

Also known as Generation Y or Generation Next, this group was born between something like the mid- to late- 70’s and the turn of the century.  You know them — they’re the ones who text while driving, check Facebook in the restroom, and twitter in their sleep.  I was born in ’77, and I’m about half-millennial.  Take this quiz, and you’ll know where you stand… or where you lazily slump on a couch.

Parenting 101

I’ve only just found the site of one Pete Wilson, but this is hilarious.  Plus Pete’s profile pic makes him look just like Dana Carvey’s “Churchlady.”  Just to give you an idea of the funny contained behind this link:

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  1. Rats! i am not in the top 100. Shoot, I doubt it would be the Top 1000. But that’s okay. I am secure in that. (I wonder what would happen if their servers got sabotaged?). As for Pete’s blog: I have been reading for over a year. His is good and that one you gave is a taste of that particularly funny one.

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