missionary trading cards

Just over a year ago, Christie and I were preparing to leave the country, and had a giant, hugemongous list of things to do.  It wasn’t stressful at all.  One of the things on our list was to create and print some prayer cards. We feel you just can’t trust someone to pray for you, unless you have a picture on their fridge. I mean it’s natural; prayers and food go together.  Seriously, if I could change two things about prayer in modern-day Christianity, here they are:

  1. “I’ll be praying about that.” Psha!  You’re not going to be praying about that.  Half the reason you say it is because you’re too embarrassed to stop right then and pray about it.  And the other half is because you don’t know what to say, and “I’ll be praying about that” has a nice, churchy ring to it.  Let’s have the gumption to pray about it right then and there, while our friend is spilling his guts to us and in need of help.  Or let’s take this learning-to-pray-for-people thing slowly, and start with baby steps:  “I will pray about that.”  This implies that, at least once, you will pray about this problem.  And then do it — just once, pray for that person.  “I’ll be praying about that” implies a future continuous action.  We’ll work up to that.
  2. “Let us bless the food.” Alright, so I’ve got no problems with saying prayers before meals.  As long as…
    • it’s not simply a tradition that means nothing.
    • it’s not a rule we bind on people, as if “unblessed” food is illegal.
    • we stop praying Big Macs and super-sized fries to the nourishment of our bodies.
    • also, I’m not sure what it really means for us to bless the food, but I’ll admit it may be biblical, without my knowing.

So I’m making a conscious effort to pray for people WHILE I am with them.  I’ve also started asking God before meals to help us live our lives as if we’re thankful — and not just tell him before we eat.

But I digress… a lot.  As I was saying, Christie and I are getting around to finishing our list of things to do before we leave left the states this last March.  One item on that list is was to have some prayer cards made, so people can:

  1. remember what we look like.
  2. see what Baylor looks like — who, I might add, would not have made the photo had we done this on time.
  3. have new coasters to keep sweat rings from ruining their good furniture.
  4. add to their collections of missionary trading cards.  [I forgot to tell you every card comes complete with a stick of gum and our stats on the back.  And this card will actually have the potential to be quite valuable, as it will be part of the 2009 Traded set that comes at the end of the year.  See, it’s our rookie year, but we didn’t make the cut-off for the regular season set.  I’m such a nerd.  Now pass me my Beckett Missionary Card Price Guide… and my glasses.]
  5. have a reminder to pray for us as we seek to do God’s will in Tanzania.

My question to you is, “Which of these cards do you like the best?”  We haven’t decided yet which one to print.  You can also give reasons why, if you like.  Or if you think there need to be changes made still, you can tell me that as well.  It won’t hurt my feelings.  [I’m tearing up just thinking about it…]

Your choices:  card #1, LIGHT, card #2, DARK, or card #3, LIGHTER STILL.

prayer card #1 (aka LIGHT prayer card)

prayer card #2 (aka DARK prayer card)

prayer card #3 (aka LIGHTER STILL prayer card)

Thanks for your help.  And even more for your prayers.


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16 responses to “missionary trading cards

  1. Steve Girton

    I definitly vote for light! Because you are the light! what logic! Also I cannot wait to start my card collection! Love you guys God Bless

  2. randy morgan

    i like the light one. i’m old and the light one is easier on my weak eyes. and i’ll be praying for you (if i think about it).

  3. so, probably unfair of me, but i added a third option after the post had been up a while…

    steve, thanks for the vote, no matter what logic was used…

    randy, thanks for the “i’ll be praying for you.” but i suspect you actually might.

  4. Aaron

    I vote for #3 AKA Lighter Still.

    It brings out the tones in the photos better – more eye-catching.

    My only other thought would be not to italicize the smaller print…it makes it harder to read.

    But, hey, I’m just speaking from a design standpoint. 😉

    And I looooved your Beckett reference. lol

    AND I have and am praying for you and your family. If nothing else, your blog has inspired me and I can feel your passion through your writing. Thank God there are people like you who are willing to step out as aliens.

  5. Amber

    The first one… regular light. Because it is approximately the color of most of the walls in my house. I don’t have a better reason than that. The dark is classy but would clash with a black fridge.

  6. Wes

    I like the dark. It makes your face shine even brighter…well, ok, it really doesn’t matter to me, bro.

  7. Chris

    # 3 – Lighter still. Your pictures pop out more with the lighter background, and the print is easier to read. Give Christie and Baylor our love!

  8. Years ago I was convicted that I often replied to emails requesting prayers by writing, “I will pray for you” only to forget to pray. I decided if I was going to reply this way, I will type out a prayer that is included in the email. Such prayers have been a blessing for me and appear to bless the people to whom I send them. It takes time and thought to compose such a prayer, but it is time well invested.

    Some people say they don’t like to hear people reading written prayers. They like spontaneous praying assuming it is more heart-felt. But we need to remember that the Bible has numerous written prayers. The Psalms, the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus’ unity prayer in John 17 and many passages in Paul’s letters are written prayers.

    Since I started doing this I pray with people on the phone and in person when they express a need. One change often leads to others.

    BTW I like the darker background.



    I praise you! Your love amazes me. Your grace blows my mind! I am awed by Jesus’ death and excited by his resurrection. Show that awesome power in the lives of your people! I praise you for the growth you have produced in Brett and Christie through this last year. I praise you for their precious daughter. I praise you in advance for the fruit that will come from the relationships they have been forming in Geita. Make these planned Discovery Bible Studies a reality. Allow these households to discover your glory for themselves. Draw them to Jesus. I pray that by next Easter there will be new communities of faith in Tanzania as a result of work you accomplish through the Geita team. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  9. David Robinson

    I like the lightest still #3 as well. The contrast just helps to set out the text. I think you should go with an audible and slide this picture in:

    There are too many pictures of Baylor and you guys need to think of yourselves sometimes!

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  11. John Gardner

    I like the lightest one also. Either would work great, but the lighter one seems bright and easier to read.

  12. The Lighter Still option is the best in my opinion. The words are easiest to read, but italicizing the smaller words makes it hard to read, and your pictures stand out the most.

  13. committed, thanks for the advice. i actually just sent our final draft (do we call designed images drafts?) off yesterday, and you are spot on. we used the lightest version and “unitalicized” the email and blog information. now hopefully we’ll actually get these printed at some point… already a year behind schedule.

    thanks for coming by my blog. you’re welcome anytime.

  14. I stumbled onto your site looking for something else and was totally blessed by what you wrote.
    I like card 3 and agree, don’t italicize the small print. I want to be able to read it.
    God Bless Your Family, and thanks for all you’re doing.
    PS. I’ ve already prayed for you and have printed out my own card off this site to put on my fridge.
    iBaylor is adorable.
    Blessings, —Linda

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