selling indulgences to the “green” crowd

This is the post where I solve most of the world’s problems.  Or the one where I at least mention some of the world’s problems.  Or I’m about to talk about things that might be of absolutely no interest to you, and probably aren’t nearly on the level of world problems.  But as long as you’re around, here’s what’s been on my mind lately:

  • I like writing. And I particularly enjoyed writing the post prior to this one: i’ll have the fruits of repentance — no, the sushi.  Something about it was just fun for me.  You can probably expect more modern-day retellings of Biblical texts in the future.
  • Christie and I have been watching The West Wing lately.  I didn’t think I’d like it, but she told me I would, and I do.  But what I really like is that the White House has a “Situation Room” (on TV and in real life).  I mean a whole room (5000 sq ft in real life) just for situations.  How many times have you wanted to say, “We have a situation — quick, everybody to the room we created for this very purpose.”  Christie and I are trying to figure out a way to put a situation room in our house.  Of course it will double as a room in which to play cards, store bicycles, and do our new missionary initiations and hazing.
  • We live at an altitude of 4350 feet.  And there’s nowhere for me to run that doesn’t involve hills.  So running has been more difficult for me here; it’s taken more breaths, more heartbeats, and more concentration, plus there are people everywhere.  In the states I prayed a lot when I ran, and I’ve really been missing that here in Geita.  So last week I forced myself to do a really slow, long run, and was able to get completely out of town, away from all the people.  I found a pace at which I could really concentrate; and I had an incredible prayer time.  I prayed out loud, and it was some of the best praying I’ve done in months.  If you’re a runner, try a long, slow day this week — and pray out loud.  I really think you’ll be blessed.
  • I’m in favor of a return to the selling of indulgences.  I mean it’s way easier to buy your way out of sin than it is to actually live an obedient life.  And with all the extra money our churches make, we could build some monster buildings and have really awesome bands and coffee shops and stuff.  Plus we could probably get a bunch of disgruntled and old-school Catholics to convert over and grow our own denomination’s numbers.
  • It seems a lot of the people arguing for evolution are also in support of “going green.” But if evolution is true, then isn’t everything people produce natural?  Cities, automobiles, factories, exhaust, waste… it’s all beautiful nature.  Because we’re just animals creating a habitat — bees with their combs, beavers with their dams, and humans with their oil, sewage, and nuclear waste.  Go green, my bottom…  THIS IS GREEN!


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2 responses to “selling indulgences to the “green” crowd

  1. are you still running bare foot or have you decided to go back to wearing shoes? Didn’t realize the altitude was so high. I tried to ride in Colorado several years ago. Definite difference.

  2. bill, i missed this comment yesterday. i am still easing into running barefoot, but am doing so slowly. i’m packing on the miles these days for a race in rwanda in may — so i’m not messing with doing a lot of barefoot training. basically one day a week, i do 2 or 3 miles barefoot, before my “real” run of the day.

    though it’s not necessarily the “barefootness” that’s so good. it’s the form with which you run when barefoot. i feel like what little i am doing is helping me to know how to run that way even when wearing shoes. and i’ve got my mother sending me a few pairs of those cheap aqua-socks things to try. that would be almost barefoot — and would require the same form.

    probably more than you wanted to know…

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