brett’s morning blend (27apr10)

This week on the internet:

So… When Am I a Grown-Up?

It seems like Americans have been asking this question for a long time.  Am I an adult at 18… or 21… or college graduation… or when?  All you have to do in my family is note the year in which you are allowed to sit at the “adult table” during Thanksgiving dinner.  Answer: marriage… or beyond.  Current health insurance reforms seem to suggest adulthood begins at 26.  Collin Hansen of Christianity Today weighs in.

Is This Christianity?  Is This for Real?

For those of you who’d like to better understand postmodernism and its effects on Christianity, have a look at this website.  It is NOT a website that attempts to explain postmodernism and its effects — rather, it demonstrates said effects clearly.  Peter Rollins’ Insurrection carries this catchline: “to believe is human; to doubt divine.”  I’m all for allowing room for doubt’s presence in faith, but for it to be our aim and our focus?!   This website reads like satire, and is every bit as humorous to me.  Which brings us to our next link:

Unintentionally Hilarious Postmodern Websites, Vol. 1

This is Ted Kluck’s take on above website.  I don’t know which I enjoyed reading more — Rollins’ “provocative cocktail of incendiary theology” or Kluck’s list of words and concepts you won’t find on Rollins’ website.  Just so you don’t miss out, you should probably read both…

How to Make Huaraches

I haven’t spoken much lately about my attempts at switching over to barefoot running.  Let’s just say the roads in rural Tanzania don’t make this an easy endeavor, what with the sharp rocks, people staring (pointing, laughing, and heckling), and all the cow poop.  So I’m looking for some very minimalist shoes to wear.  My mom’s sending me a few pairs of those aqua-sock things — you know the shoes that sissy men with tender feet where at the pool.  I also intend to make a pair of huaraches, the traditional sandals worn by the Tarahumara running machines of Mexico.  This site carries the blueprint.

The Hotel Tilapia

Christie and I are going to Mwanza this weekend to fetch the McNeals from the airport and to get Baylor’s dependent pass (to make her legal here in Tanzania).  We stay with missionary friends in Mwanza in order to save money and have English conversations with people who share our culture of origin.  But we always take advantage of being in Mwanza by going out to eat at a few of its nicer restaurants.  This is a link to the Hotel Tilapia, whose atmosphere is better than the food, but is still a great place to go.  They sell chocolate croissants for 40 cents, and big Indian dinners for about $7.50.  But getting to sit down and be served something other than rice, beans, and grisly beef… priceless.


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One response to “brett’s morning blend (27apr10)

  1. Christine

    Loved the Ted Kluck commentary. Hilarious!

    Just don’t take this as the sum total of post-modernism’s effect, or potential effect, on Christianity (which would be setting up quite a straw man). We often forget that modernism, too, is a philosophy that is recent in historical terms and has had a lot of effects, many of them very negative, on Christianity as well (which we just don’t notice because we are so used to them – post-modernism is recent and so it still strikes us as odd).

    We should take a lesson about extremes and seek to take only what is good, and Biblical, from philosophy – whichever one we’re discussing.

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