who cries when you leave the room?

baylor in her easter dress from my grandmother

  • For a child to be an extension of your own flesh and blood.
  • To experience the miracle of birth.
  • Being witness to the first chuckle and the first time she sits up on her own.
  • Realizing your daughter now not only recognizes your face, but even your voice.
  • Finding that she smiles every time you enter the room.

These blessings have brought me incredible joy, far beyond anything I deserve.

And the experiences below, well… they’re different, because you’re not just witness to them.  Rather, they are hard and tangible evidence that you are the greatest object of another individual’s affection, that you are wanted and needed, that you are indeed indispensable in the life of another:

  • Having your daughter love you so much that she cries when you leave the room.
  • Knowing that your child at times longs to be held only by you.
  • And that during those times, there is not one other individual on earth whose touch would calm her.

These things I can’t even begin to describe.

No seriously, I can’t… because I have no idea how great that would be.  You’ll have to ask Christie about them.  The favorite.  Ask her if you want to know.



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4 responses to “who cries when you leave the room?

  1. ted

    Do you have a hidden camera in my house?

  2. David Robinson

    Tell Christie to take a week off. that’ll change things. I kept the Anna Monster for a week while Catherine went to Tennessee to run the middle half marathon. Anna was 9 months old and actually cried when Catherine came home and held her. All she wanted was me.

    Now days we’re pretty equal even though Catherine is with her the majority of time.

    Anna definitely cries if she sees me putting my shoes on and I don’t start putting hers on too.

    • i’m sure christie would love a week off — but not to run a half-marathon. alas, she’s breast-feeding until the one-year mark. so no weeks off for now.

      and really, you can’t tell christie’s the favorite except sometimes between 7 and 8.30 pm. it’s only when she’s really tired and/or about to go to sleep. so it’s really not bad at all.

      baylor has only worn shoes once in her life. and i protested, but christie put them on anyway.

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