brett’s morning blend (11may10)

Flooding in Tennessee — Photo Album

You can imagine, having a sister and several friends in middle Tennessee, that I’ve kept up with the flooding there to some extent.  Though I’ve tried to limit my efforts to reading print about the destruction brought by rain — because it gets expensive downloading photos with our internet here in Geita.  I decided to wait until there was some kind of “Nashville Flood in Photos,” so I could download just one really big page.  This was it.  Amazing photography that seems to put into perspective all I’ve been reading about.  Though I feel a bit guilty talking about how good the photography is when so many people have lost their homes and belongings.  All the same, if you’re going to look at one collection of pictures, I suggest this be it — from

God Delights in Non-Christian Art

I personally believe that if Christians truly heeded the call to glorify God in all we do, we would excel in every field.  The best doctors would be Christians, as would the best teachers, entrepreneurs, and building contractors.  But my idea completely flops on its face when it comes to art.  At least the art to which I pay attention, which I’ll be honest, is not a great deal.  But take music for instance — Christian music is by-and-large not good.  It’s improving, and there are a few really talented Christians.  But Way-FM is never going to be my radio station of choice.  [I live in Geita, Tanzania, where there are no choices.  But when in middle Tennessee, Lightning 100 gets my every listen.]

Anyway, that’s a really long introduction to this article by Tony Reinke on why God does, and Christians should, delight in art by non-Christians.

Chinese Harry Potter Knock-offs

Okay, so I lived in China for three years.  And in that short time I saw a lifetime’s worth of fake stuff.  Fake polo shirts, bootleg movies, and sports apparel spelt “adiads” and NIKC.”  I even have a picture of a motorcycle that was made by “HONEST” instead of “HONDA.”  Talk about irony.

Apparently, a few Chinese authors have been very busy writing knock-off Harry Potter books in Chinese.  My personal favorite: Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Harry Potter.  Some of these books have really wild and crazy plots.  Harry Potter is evil, Harry Potter rides a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Harry Potter is in a love triangle with two girls, Harry Potter interacts with an ant from Disney’s A Bug’s Life, and of course Harry Potter requires the help of six Chinese wizards from China’s elite Nine Mysteries School (wizards who make all the Hogwarts students look silly).  And I thought the Polo shirts with 9″ tall horses were silly.

Facebook’s Gone Rogue?

I don’t know much about Facebook these days, but this author’s not real fond of the current goings on in management.  Apparently 14 privacy groups have now filed unfair-trade complaints against the internet giant, and others are claiming the company wants the right to own and define the identities of its users.  This may be nothing, but it was an interesting read.

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  1. Read earlier this morning James but forgot to comment. I appreciated the pictures of the flood. boy, what the media missed.

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