mission to geita

In January 2009, our team put together a video introduction to our involvement in God’s mission in Geita, Tanzania.  We left the U.S. two months later.  I realized I’ve never posted that video, so today is the day.  It’s outdated in that we’re now already in Geita (and somehow in all the downloading and uploading the video has become a bit grainy) — but it still does a swell job of introducing our strategies for mission and development here in Tanzania.  My wonderful wife, Christie, is the narrator (and star) of the video.  Enjoy.

Special thanks to Kyle ” crown prince of technology” Ferguson for putting the video together.  Oh, and I don’t know anything about the embedding of videos or the like.  So if this video’s not working, please let me know in the comments — and then you can go here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8283735055389106988&hl=undefined#


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5 responses to “mission to geita

  1. JMF

    Not sure about anyone else, but I don’t see the vid. Just a blank spot where the embedded vid should be.

    Can you maybe post a Youtube link?

    I tried in Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

    I do have a filter on my computer, but this shouldn’t have posed a problem unless it was tagged in a way to snag in the filter.

    • thanks for the heads up. i’m not sure what the problem was; the video was working fine this morning. i embedded it again, and it seems to be working (on my computer at least). let me know, though, if i’ve messed up again…

  2. JMF

    Okay, must have been my problem. I pasted into my browser and the filter blocked it…said it was on my list of vid types to block.

  3. awesome video. you should create another one showing what you’re up to now.

    • good idea, shawn. if only we had a video camera…

      we’ll probably try to do something before furlough — august 2011. we’re not what they call tecknologickly advanced.

      so eventually there will be another video. you should probably check my blog every day until you see it.

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