brett’s morning blend (18may10)

Winners never quit… or do they?

What do Steve Jobs, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tiger Woods, and Lady Gaga all have in common?  Each is a college dropout.  With graduation season upon us, Time News pokes fun at us with a list of its top 10 college dropouts.

Green Myths Debunked

So you thought automobiles produced the bulk of greenhouse gases?  Nope, eating beef is worse for the environment than driving a car.  And at highway speeds, driving with your windows down with the A/C off doesn’t save you any money or lower pollution levels in the enviroment.  Oh, and tap water is held to higher standards by the U.S. government than is bottled water.

You want people at clubs to wear bowls on their heads in order to hear better?!

Is this for real?  Would anyone wear that thing?  I feel like this article must be part of a psychological study on gullibility.

10 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

I can’t believe how many people are writing about the evils of Zuckerberg and his attempts to rule the world through Facebook.  Did you know that, as I write this, the management of the massive social media group is joining hands with both Gargamel and Hannibal Lecter?  I’ve heard they’re plotting to use the internet to gather all the Smurfs, so they can eat them.  Pure evil, I tell you… pure evil.

Your favorite fast food joint has a secret menu.

Did you know In-N-Out Burger serves a sandwich with four beef patties and four slices of cheese?  It’s called the “4 x 4.”  And if you ask for the “Barnyard” at Wendy’s you can get a spicy chicken sandwich with ham, bacon, beef, and cheese.  I think Mary’s Cafe here in Geita will give you free hot peppers with your liver if you ask — and there’s a complimentary banana with every purchase.



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3 responses to “brett’s morning blend (18may10)

  1. Not a chance on the bowl. I’m not a Trekkie fan and I certainly won’t start dressing like one. The proverbial “i wouldn’t get caught dead in that” comes to mind.

  2. I’m sorry I haven’t told you earlier, but I really like your blog. Excellent.

  3. bill, maybe you could figure out a use for one of those bowl things while you’re on your bike…

    thanks, trey. that means a lot coming from one of the church of Christ blogger heavyweights. i just recently found your running blog, and subscribed. i intended to post more about running and triathlon on here, but i never seem to get around to it…

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