brett’s morning blend (25may10)

Mega Churches — For and… Against?

Scot McKnight recently posted on his blog a defense of mega churches.  Above I’ve linked to William Black’s response.  Black is a teacher at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology in Kenya.  I think many would be tempted to categorize his essay as being against mega churches — I, however, would offer that he’s only asking for objectivity and Biblical standards in measuring the effectiveness of these congregations.

The Gospel vs. Religion

Justin Buzzard posts a great chart, clearly demonstrating the difference between what Christianity should be, and what it too often is.  I do, however, take offense at his (and many others’) use of the word “religion” to describe what is wrong in Christianity.  Religion in its simple and purest form is a very good thing; ask James.  But aside from the fact that I’d change the title over each column, this chart is definitely worth looking at… and holding onto.

Bluegrass Music and Missions

I always knew there was something Godly about bluegrass music.  If I can get past being able to play only one song on my banjo, I might actually become a missionary.

Forget Wallets — Mobile Money

This is remarkable:  I live in a small rural town in East Africa that first got electricity around the turn of this century.  The first paved road passed through town only a couple of years ago (and is still the only one).  An overgrown village completely skipped black and white televisions and cable, and now has satellite TV.  There is wireless internet where there didn’t exist a computer 10 years ago.  You’re incredibly hard-pressed to find anyone who’s ever had a land line, but everyone has a cell phone… even people without electricity in their mud hut homes.  They charge their phones while at work or at a friend’s house.

This, though, may be the most surprising feat of technology:  People who have never had a bank account, and never will, are using their cell phones to save money.  They make their deposit at a cell phone store, and the money is kept in the phone network through their SIM chips.  If they need to make a withdrawal, they go to a phone shop, and receive their cash.  But increasingly now, they are not dealing with cash at all.  Instead Tanzanians are paying one another by sending money from one phone to another.   I pay for electricity here in Geita through my cell phone, and receive a code to enter into my electric meter.  When I enter those numbers, my account is recharged with money.  Pre-pay electricity through a telephone.  That’s high technology, and people who’ve never seen a credit card are using it every day.

I Jumped Over You — You’re Forgiven

Uhmm… I’m not sure that’s theologically correct.  Let me get this right — men dressed as the devil jump over babies to remove their sins?  Yeah, it seems like I did read about that in one of the Pauline Epistles.



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3 responses to “brett’s morning blend (25may10)

  1. Ike

    I don’t have a problem that a church is “mega”……but look what “we” have done. We have reduced the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ down to “decisionalism”. What ever happened to the doctrine of “regeneration”? We need to declare war on the sinners prayer. Someone… please show me… where in Scripture…Jesus claimed….”the kingdom of God is at hand….now does anyone want to ask Me into their hearts?” NO…..we are to repent and believe in the Christ. Salvation really is a supernatural work of God…..more so than in creation! He made man out of nothing…..but now He must re-create a totally depraved sinner.

    As wonderful as the second coming will be….all of us will know everything about it when it happens. But a million years from now….we will still be scratching the surface of the glory of the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. Thanks for the links James. I read Scot’s and got lost in the comments. I went to the “jumping over the baby” one and about lost it. Really liked Justin’s comparison of religion vs. gospel. Even commented there. Thanks for this edition of “morning blend.” Hope you are all doing well.

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