a few photos

A few photos…

baylor and kaitlyn

a wildebeest named sam

a bunch of running wildebai -- sam not present (he's lazy and doesn't run))

two zebras named sam -- animals are not incredibly creative

the water we drink and in which we bathe



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6 responses to “a few photos

  1. Linda M

    Hi James Brett,
    Who’s naming all these animals Sam? 🙂 Beautiful pictures of the scenery. It seems that every place on earth has its beauty. God’s creation is magnificent. Baylor is getting cuter and cuter! She looks like she is enjoying being held by Kaitlyn. Children are marvelous and wonderful. My neighbor in Canada is trying for a quiver full. Number 4 is coming along in a while.

    I hope all is well in Tanzania. The water jug you have on the table reminds me of a water pail we had for drinking water on the family farm. My sister and I used to haul water in pails from the pump at the barn to the house for mom.
    Your pig slaughter didn’t gross me out. I remember watching the slaughter of pigs and chickens on the farm. I was chased around the farmyard by chickens with their heads cut off when I was a kid. We were very poor and had to sell out and move to the city in 1966. What a culture shock for me! God knew me back then even if I didn’t know Him. I recognized and acknowledged Him as my God and my Saviour in January of 1982. We have an amazing God! He is so good to us.

    • the animals and beautiful scenery are from inside ngorongoro crater, definitely one of the prettiest places i’ve been. we were blessed to have been taken there by family members, and it’s the kind of remarkable place you could never forget.

      baylor is incredibly cute — but that said… there shall be no quiver. or no plans for such anyway.

      you sound like you’d be right at home as a missionary in africa, linda. God’s blessings on you.

  2. Carley

    Wow. I am so glad we don’t have a clear filter! But man, glad to see they work!!

  3. Carley

    Yep! going from June 20-Aug 15, yay!

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