may work report (abridged and amplified)

our team minus the four photographers -- hey, quality takes commitment

Photo by Carson McNeal and friends

I still haven’t really decided what to do with these work report things.  Christie and I have an email subscription list, to whom we send full work reports.  Yet others have told me they enjoy reading updates of our work in Geita here on the blog.  So I’ve been providing abbreviated work reports on the blog — with added commentary.  That doesn’t seem to make any sense, huh?  What I mean is that I don’t provide as many bullet points and as much report-type information in these posts.  But I go back and allow myself to ramble a bit.  As I’m doing now.  So you get more stories, sidenotes, and chased rabbits… but less total (pertinent at least) information.

I’m looking for advice on how to do a better job with this work report bit of my blog.  Please speak up in the comments if you have anything useful, worthwhile, or hilarious to say.  If you want to subscribe by email to the “real” work report, comment below with either the words “subscribe work report” or “Are you kidding, I’d tap-dance through hell and back in a pair of out-of-style and quickly melting Crocs just to get a copy of your work report by email.” And now, the May work report (both abridged and amplified):

Family and Life

  • Baylor’s about to be six months, and she’s crawling around everywhere.  She’s somewhere between the 75-90th percentile in height, and her banjo playing is really improving.  Baylor loves being outside, which is much to our liking — and probably very appropriate for a little girl living in rural Africa.  Sometimes she gets upset and the only solution is to take her outside to play.  She takes after her father… with the crying.  But I hate being outside.  There are bugs.
  • We put some shelves in our kitchen, and next on the “to do” list are curtain rods, curtains, and a dog kennel of some sort.  The curtains are not for the dog kennel.

Evangelism and Discipleship

  • The Discovery Bible Study in Nyamarembo is really starting to mesh.  People are becoming more comfortable with one another, talking more, joking, sharing openly, and it seems having more fun in general.  It’s a great group, and they’re understanding well what we read each week.  Most members are already setting goals in being obedient to God. And each week we share with one another whether or not we’ve been successful, and how that’s affected us.
  • I mentor the facilitators of that group, Edward and Sylvester, each Thursday morning, and both are very open to what we’re learning from God, and about leadership.  Please pray for them.
  • Pray for there to be a multiplication of Bible study groups. Pray for this group to multiply and for Bible study groups to begin in other areas of town as well.  Both Sumbu and Oscar have expressed interest, and even made plans, to begin groups — but neither have followed through with that at this point.

Development and Service

  • Christie began our first English class earlier this week.  There were seven students, all eager to learn a new language that will make them more qualified for a greater number, and a higher level, of jobs in the future.  The English class meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons.  Please pray for Christie’s preparations and her ability to model Christ as a teacher.
  • We’ve done a lot of pig slaughtering and meat processing lately, and I’m looking into the feasibility of raising hogs on the demonstration farm.  Doing so might provide us future opportunities for economic development.  Many Tanzanians love pork, but because of Muslim protest it’s not sold in the main market in town — or any market nearby, for that matter.  The only places one can regularly find pork for sale are bars and seedy roadhouses.  Tanzanian Christians aren’t willing to frequent these establishments, so they simply do without pork.  You should have seen how excited my neighbor was to receive a few kilograms of pork last week.
  • I‘m scheduled to soon visit a nearby beekeeper.  I’m wanting to see what a small-scale honey operation looks like here in Mwanza region.  The beekeeper is wanting me to offer advice on how he might improve honey production.  In related news, I was able to retrieve all my beekeeping equipment from Mwanza, though I can’t put hives up until we have land for our demonstration farm.


  • As mentioned often, we’re preparing to order a new vehicle.  At this point we lack roundabout $8,000, which we need before July. If you might be able to help with this, or your church or Sunday school class might be willing to take up a one-time offering towards that amount, please email us and let us know.  Our email address can be found on the “Partners” page.
  • Please be praying for the moneys involved in obtaining a truck. The truck we are currently driving is not dependable, and is costing us a great deal of money to keep up ($800 last month on repairs alone).  It’s also eating deep into our available time, because each repair must be done in Mwanza, which is a 3-hour drive away.

Thanks for reading. And thank you even more for praying for our ministry here in Geita, Tanzania.

See the April work report here.



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5 responses to “may work report (abridged and amplified)

  1. mikevalstephens

    I knew for sure I was up to early when I read that last bullet as “please be praying for the monkeys”. I did a double take and have it straight now. 🙂
    We just raised 20,000 for our vehicle in 5 months even though many people in our sending church are unemployed right now. Half of that came from one weekend when a tiny church in a tiny town (1500) did a yard sale fundraiser. God can do amazing things! You’ll have that truck in no time!

    As far as newsletters, we’d love to get yours, first of all. I sent you an email a few days ago so you should have our address.
    Secondly, as to what to do with that time/space — it seems to me that people who really care about what you are doing and who will be faithful to pray will read and follow through with whatever you write, whether its a boring epistle or whether its short, informative, and interesting bits with great pictures. It’s those people that are only slightly interested that may be affected by what/how you present your report. And they are not likely to follow through with prayers or support even if you manage to hold their attention through your whole newsletter. The key, in my opinion, is capturing people’s hearts when you have the once-in-a-blue-moon chance to connect face to face.

    • congratulations on your vehicle. do you now already have it? our money seems to be coming in. my dad owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

      i’ll subscribe you to the work report.

      and thanks for the advice on work reports. when i first got here, i was writing once a month — and they were pretty long, usually with a story or a bible study thought of some sort. then i started the blog to give me greater freedom and more room with / for those bible study thoughts and stories. so my work report is pretty nuts and bolts. i think most of the work report readers like that; and anyone who wants to know more can check the blog out once a week or something…

      sorry i’ve not responded to your email yet; i got a flood of them the day the blog was on ‘freshly pressed.’ i have, however, subscribed to you guys’ blog. cheers.

  2. I do not belive in mankinds religions, the lie and deceit is so seeded and deeply rooted in pagan worship, and they say,” it’s not so bad” it’s good now”. No that is the lie we tell our selves every day when we keep embracing sin, were not sooooo badddd. One sin brought down death, to all mankind and we are all turned out. The biggest lie and deceit is the one we do and tell our selves.

    It we are to help, we need to as it is written: Jeremiah 31:22 Set thee up waymarks, make thee high heaps: set thine heart toward the highway, even the way which thou wentest: TURN AGAIN, O virgin of Israel, TURN AGAIN to these thy cities.

    Who is ISRAEL, it is a group of people that G-D has sow in every nation and every people. For it is written: Jeremiah 31:27 Behold, the daysssss coooome (

    • Sorry must of hit send, sorry. Jeremiah 31:27 those days come in every generation, DNA & the CREATOR G-D OF ALL MANKIND Jer. 32:27 and for the reason that the angels seeded and caused chaos to the sons of G-D upon the earth. The lie and deceit is seeded among us. G-D in his loving kindness, has provided for all of creation, the choice. Many are going to be ashamed of the churches and beliefs that they have planted themselves down in. Isaiah 1: 29 For you shall be ashamed of the oaks in which you delighted; and you shall blush for the gardens that you have chosen. All religions, have these –oaks— G-D warnd us about what would happen. Ecc. 12:12.

      Lead them to the gates, into the re-turn home. Genesis 28:20 Ps. 51: Ps. 101 We need to enter in the hidden part, the dwelling place of our G-D. For G-D is building his Temple above and below. We are the stones that the Spirit of G-D is cutting and making ready below for the temple above, to set down on the True Foudation. 1Kings 6:7. We are the tabernacle of David, below that G-D is rising up, in every generation, the house of David, Judah who give willingly to G-D their free wills. Amos 9. And those who do not give and are lied to and deceived, G-D must do for them, what they know not to do for Him, Jer. 31:33.

    • daughter,

      these are some good thoughts, but i don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to say. is this in response to something i said in my may work report?

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