brett’s morning blend (08jun10)

I’m Good

I’m having an obvious problem carrying something while holding a door open, and some kind person offers help.  My response: “I’m good.”  This phrasing explored at Think Christian.

Bikes for the World

I don’t know anything about this organization other than what I’ve read here.  But it seems worth taking a look.  Basically you donate your bike, and it’s put to good use elsewhere.

The 50 Worst Inventions

This list from Time is pretty straightforward.  I know a lot of people use tanning beds, and I kind of liked Crocs — but both made the list.  As did “new” Coke and leaded gasoline.

10 Things the Internet has Killed (and 5 It Hasn’t)

Another list whose name explains it all.  I’ll let you guess which in which column Chuck Norris appears.


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