brett’s morning blend (15jun10)

Lots of links today — largely due to the World Cup bringing us some good stuff.

Being a Christian

Richard Beck’s list of what a Christian looks like — straight from Romans 12.  One of the best blog posts I’ve ever read.  Let the Bible speak.

Kingdom Parties

Did you realize the tithes in Deuteronomy 14 were given in order to throw a big party?  Me either.  Yeah, no instructions from God on paying church overhead costs or even helping the poor (there are a few lines about making sure the Levites are invited).  A party.  A really huge one on which the Hebrew nation spent 10% of its Gross National Product.  And God commanded it.

Tony Campolo explains, “The Scriptures tell us to spend all this money for partying because it is in partying that we know a little something about the kind of God we have.”  A very interesting read.

Read for 1% Understanding?

“It is sentences that change my life, not books,” John Piper.  He then goes on to suggest reading is worth it if the 1% we do remember is able to change our lives.

Are you a Christian Hipster?

Quiz to let you know if you are indeed a Christian Hipster.  My score follows:

Your Christian Hipster Quotient:  73 / 120

High CHQ. You are a pretty progressive, stylish, hipster-leaning Christian, even while you could easily feel at home in a decidedly un-hip non-denominational church. You are conservative on some issues and liberal on others, and sometimes you grow weary of trendy “alt-Christianity.” But make no mistake: You are a Christian hipster to at least some degree.

SEC Expanding — What About Church Realignments?

Good satire piece on expansion and realignment of church denominations.  Mega-church expansions, invitations to mainline groups, and Muslims seeking to go it on their own.  Oh, and some speculation that Rob Bell, Tim Keller, and Donald Miller will soon begin their own conference.

World Cup Blog

If you want your World Cup news in blog form, complete with match previews and reviews, this is the blog to read.  I’m subscribed in my aggregator, and basically this blog alone is keeping me up to date on the biggest and best tournament the world has ever known.

Show Me Your Cleats

And if you enjoy both soccer and NPR, this is the second World Cup blog to which you should be subscribed.  This is NPR’s soccer blog, which is always a good read.

World Cup Highlights in Lego Form

Last, but definitely not least in this addition of Morning Blend are the video highlights of the USA / England match — DONE IN LEGOS.  This is amazing.  Have a look-see:


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3 responses to “brett’s morning blend (15jun10)

  1. Your Christian Hipster Quotient:
    38 / 120

    Laggard. You hardly even register on the CHQ scale. But fear not: This is not necessarily a negative thing. Your Christian faith is refreshingly independent of zeitgeisty movements, styles, and reinventions.

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