witchcraft in the world cup

I love football — soccer that is.  And I’m keeping up with the World Cup.  I’m cheering for the U.S. (and second for Netherlands).  I played goalkeeper and coached goalkeepers.  I currently live in Africa.  And witch doctors and their spirituality and medicines are of particular interest to me these days, as the practice is so prevalent here in Tanzania.

So I can’t help but repost this article which combines all of the above.  For those of you who don’t keep up with football, Rob Green is the England goalkeeper who bobbled a U.S. shot into the goal, tying the two teams at 1-1.  This article was originally posted in England’s Daily Star.

david james is watched by rob green and joe hart

Rob Green looks on in amazement as he gets a lesson in how to catch the ball.

The bungling stopper received a few hints as team-mate David James gave a quick guide to goalkeeping.

England fans have berated the West Ham stopper for his clanger and even nicknamed him Cinderella because he always misses the ball.

But Green, 30, was all smiles yesterday as he joined James, 39, and Joe Hart, 23, for training.

He has pledged to bounce back from his nightmare and has received the backing of his England team-mates. But it remains to be seen if Fabio Capello, 63, will keep faith with him for the crunch Algeria clash on Friday night.

African witch doctor Musa Ronald yesterday prescribed the perfect cure for Green’s on-pitch jitters – powdered Omwetango leaves.

The herbalist, 32, said he should rub the plants into his gloves to ward off bad spirits.

He said: “Omwetango is a medicine we use to boost our inner power.

“By rubbing it on his hands, Green could help to improve his concentration.”


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