brett’s morning blend (29jun10)

Perfect Baptism

Jay Guin’s just finished a (pretty in-depth) series on baptism.  I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’ve only linked you to one of his posts — kind of the culminating one.  But much is discussed in those posts prior to this one.  The series as a whole is definitely worth a look if you’re interested in studies on baptism; it’s quite thorough.  I’ll give you just a hint of where Jay’s going with this:

“There’s a strain of thought in the 20th Century Church of Christ that selectively insists on perfection in certain matters, while denying the need for perfection in others.”

Five Reasons Missionaries are the Best Guest Speakers

Every Monday Brett Barner does a “Monday Morning High Five” post.  This week’s High Five proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that missionaries are indeed the best guest speakers.  In all seriousness, one nice thing about guest-speaking missionaries is they can often get away with saying more than regular preachers.  They’re kind of seen as outsiders, and strange ones at that (probably rightly so), so Christians seem willing to accept challenges they might not otherwise.

Anyone looking for a guest speaker?  I’d only ask that you cover my travel expenses….

7 Types of Football / Soccer Fans

NPR’s Rosie Schaap provides us with some pretty vital information on those individuals with whom we’re watching the World Cup.  From the women hanging around after the match just to get a glimpse of chiseled abs during the traditional jersey swap to the guy who’s always yelling “offsides!” (and incorrectly so) — they’re all here.  Which one are you?

Sloth or Netherlands’ Dirk Kuyt?

straight from 'the goonies'

image courtesy of

Yep, looks like Holland’s Orange may have just found themselves a new sponsor… Can I get a “Baby Ruth,” somebody?

Probably Don’t Invest In These Books

Brad Ruggles comments on some strange titles, from do-it-yourself coffin books to manuals on “how to be Pope.”  Does an infallible individual really need an instruction manual… other than the one with the words “Holy Bible” written on the front?  And how many people are buying said book?

The Jibarito, Predecessor to KFC’s “Double Down”

Steak, cheese, and mayonnaise sandwiched between two deep-fried plantains.  I’ve got nothing more to add — except maybe a little tabasco sauce.


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2 responses to “brett’s morning blend (29jun10)

  1. Ike

    On baptism……In the water of baptism “we” are saying Jesus Christ has transformed our hearts to a level… so that we can live a new life. Baptism does that! Now listen carefully…..It is not just an act of obedience…’s not enough! There is “something” supernatural that happens when people are baptized… because that event is so crucial in their lives… that it is one of these “rare” times in life where the person is actually acted on in a “special” way by the Spirit of God to “drive” their sanctification forward. It is also a “grand” time for the people in the church to witness the people being baptized… confessing Jesus Christ has done this to them and that they want to follow Jesus Christ into that life.

  2. i always loved missionary speakers. as a child i was always camped out at their display table in the foyer asking questions and studying the neat things they brought from foreign lands. i agree, missionaries make the best guest speakers! 🙂

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