le tour predictions

Here are my 2010 Tour de France predictions:

Overall Classification

I say Lance wins, even though Alberto Contador’s the best overall rider in the tour.  I think Team Radio Shack is too strong for Team Astana.  For that matter, if Lance doesn’t win, it’ll be Andy Schleck of SaxoBank (thanks to his brother and the strength of their team).  Contador’s Astana can’t offer their leader enough help, nor can they protect the yellow should he take it.
  1. Lance Armstrong
  2. Andy Schleck
  3. Alberto Contador

lance armstrong looks good in yellow

Points Classification

Mark Cavendish is the fastest man in the world, but the Columbia team is trying to win both the green and yellow jerseys.  That hurts Cavendish’s chances, though I think HTC gives up on their hopes of yellow in order to take the more sure of the two jerseys.  Thor Hushovd looks good, but suffered a collarbone break not too long ago; I hate to bet on an injury like that in such a long race.
  1. Mark Cavendish
  2. Thor Hushovd
  3. Tyler Farrar

mark cavendish, far and away the fastest cyclist in the world

King of the Mountains

I have no idea who even wants to win this jersey.  It’d be Contador’s if he wanted it, but he doesn’t.  The same goes for several guys looking for yellow.  I guess I like that Martinez guy from Euskaltel?  He placed second last year.  I’m really unsure of this race, but I’d put a whole lot of money on it being a guy with a Spanish name who wears polka-dots in the end (and for most of the tour).

  1. Egoi Martinez
  2. John Gadret
  3. Joaquin Rodriguez

egoi martinez, spanish climber in orange

Best Young Rider

I like Andy Schleck, with Tony Martin not far behind.  Martin’s on that Columbia team that’s spread too thin.  He’s going to be asked to help both Cavendish (green) and Mick Rogers (yellow).

  1. Andy Shleck
  2. Tony Martin
  3. Robert Gesink

andy schleck -- wearing white for the third straight year?

What are your predictions for the tour?

* To learn more about the Tour de France — or to understand why I enjoy it so much — go here.


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3 responses to “le tour predictions

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  2. You would think that as much as I cycle I would keep up better with all the riders but I haven’t. My predictions are dubious at best, emotional at worst.

    1. Lance and anyone but Contador- I think the latter is an arrogant, me-only type of guy who doesn’t follow directions and is in it for himself. Does Lance have it in his 38 year old legs for one more hurrah? I hope but… Anyway, my predictions are somewhat emotional in this one.

    1. Lance
    2. Andy Shleck
    3. Cadel Evans

    1. Mark Cavendish
    2. Tyler Farrar

    1. Ivan Basso- I picked him several years after Lance bowed out but he was unable to race because of the Operation Puerto affair. I had also picked Jan Ulrich. 🙂

    I’m out of it from here.

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