brett’s morning blend (6jul10)

The Heresy of Mandated Tithing

William Black on manipulation and heresy in the realm of giving.

Is the Traditional Mission Team Holding Us Back?

David Watson on how our model for mission teams may be hurting our efforts.  This one was difficult for me to read (being on a somewhat traditional mission team).  I’ll give you a brief excerpt:  “Traditional missionary teams often represent the worst of the modern mission movement.”

The Leviathan Unearthed

As a kid I was always fascinated with dinosaurs — especially because it sounded like there were a few in the Bible.  So, I have to admit… my heart jumped just a little when I found these two articles; I felt like a 5th grader opening up a dinosaur book while making plans to become an archaeologist.  NPR covers the same leviathan story here.

Coffee is Good for You

Good news for those of us who like coffee.  And by “like coffee,” I mean “drink at least five cups a day.”  It’s looking as if coffee helps a body fight Alzheimer’s — but two or three cups a day won’t cut it.  Me, I usually drink six cups a day.


Goalkeeper is my favorite position to play and to coach.  For several teams in the states, I’ve needed to “create” keepers for the teams I was coaching, having no one who’d traditionally played the position.  I coached goalkeepers at a university in China, and was also able to play some semi-pro keeper while there in the “middle country.”  I’ve had a (very) few chances to stand between the posts here in Tanzania.  I’ve found that, all over the world, it takes a “different” kind of athlete to play goalkeeper.  In honor of the World Cup, I offer you some reading on the lonely position:

Psychology of a Goalkeeper

Why I Love Goalkeepers

Who Would Be a Goalkeeper?

“Goalkeeper with a Cigarette” – a Poem

Highest Percentage Penalty Kick:  Straight Down the Middle


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7 responses to “brett’s morning blend (6jul10)

  1. I love coffee too, but apparently not as much as you! I have 3, maybe 4 cups a day, but you’re putting me to shame! lol I better up my dosage 😉 heheheehe

  2. I’m very uncomfortable with the doctrine of tithing the way most evangelicals preach it. I’m simply not convinced that it’s a New Testament practice at all, even though it is a good money management principle. I believe fully that we are to support our church, but there is much abuse of the Malachi passage, in my opinion.

    • bernard, i’m with you. i’m uncomfortable with tithing as often presented, but i’m also uncomfortable with a great deal of our “methods” for collections and contributions. it seems there were specific needs for which money was given in the new testament church — not just a give every week because it’s time thing. and i also worry about how much of that giving is spent inwardly, on making our “worship experience” more “comfortable” or “relevant,” etc. or on our gyms and recreation centers and staff, etc.

  3. Well now, I had no idea I should be drinking MORE coffee. I think the reason I don’t already is because I drink it so slow. So slow that I have had to re-heat the same cup 2 or 3 times. Which is why I like small mugs. Which has nothing to do with the coffee article. If, however, I were to attempt to drink more, I’d have to curb some of the contents I add…otherwise we could see a widening of the hips as I fight Alzheimer’s.

  4. that’s some pretty slow drinking, jane. i never have to heat up a mug of coffee. and i very rarely have to heat up what’s been left in the pot or press. [i say never and rarely, but that’s a bit dishonest. there are occasions having to do with a 7-month old in which i do indeed have to rewarm my brew.]

    and i drink mine black. so i can fight alzheimer’s without having to fight to get my pants on.

    • Ha! You sound like Mom. We will get a coffee from Starbucks and then go wherever we are going and hers is always finished before the next thing. Mine lingers on and on and on, and she will eventually comment on how long ago hers was gone. Always.

      But the slow drinking of the dressed-up coffee helps me with the pants issue at the very least.

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