form or fitness: ronaldinho sits

A lot of people have been asking why Ronaldinho didn’t play in the 2010 World Cup.  The Brazilian footballer certainly has been an exciting fixture in tournaments past.  I think he’s won FIFA World Player of the Year on three different occasions.  I’ve read that it was form, and not fitness, that kept Ronaldinho off Dunga’s roster this year…

But I wouldn’t be so sure:



The two players whom I myself have missed the most are Sacha Kljestan of the U.S. and Michael Ballack of Germany.  Their coaches couldn’t find room for them on their 23-man rosters?  Sacha is a lot of the reason the U.S. even qualified for the World Cup, and you can’t tell me Ballack wouldn’t have been (at the very least) a quality substitute.

Prediction for the Cup
Last summer, during the Confederations Cup, I picked Netherlands as my winner for the 2010 World Cup.  In every bracket I filled out, I cast that same vote.  I love the way the Dutch are playing these days.  Of course I’m sticking with them through the one game that is remaining.  I think their defense is too strong for David Villa to score, and Torres has done absolutely nothing for his team.  Puyol won’t score from the back again, and Holland will possess the ball against Spain like Spain did against Germany.  Go Orange! Netherlands 2, Spain 0.



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2 responses to “form or fitness: ronaldinho sits

  1. Ronaldinho is also a very selfish player, trying to do it all himself, and the coach said he wanted this years team to be more of a team instead of a one-man show… I guess it didn’t work out too well for them either way ;(

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