brett’s morning blend (13jul10)

Morality vs. Moralism

Morality is glad, not fussy; moralism is fussy, not glad. Morality defends; moralism accuses. Morality is like Jesus; moralism is like the devil. Morality is fruit; moralism is a handful of gravel. Morality is alive; moralism is dead. Morality approves, and therefore disapproves; moralism disapproves, and is content to keep it there. Morality loves; moralism envies.

The author goes on to promote accountability over filtering when seeking to overcome pornography.  Men can download programs which block what they shouldn’t see or programs which allow others to see what they see.  He suggests accountability grows morality, while filtering enforces moralism.

When a Married Man Struggles with Pornography

A short piece discussing some of the effects of married men looking at pornography.  I included this link because the author speaks to the idea of marriage as a display to the world of Christ’s love for his church.  Not only does pornography affect the lives of husband and wife, but it paints a pretty ugly picture of Christ and how he treats his bride.

Observations of a Census Worker

This one’s from my brother, who’s currently working for the census near Birmingham, Alabama.  He’s interviewed a lot of people recently and been in a lot of homes.  This essay is on the vast number of broken families he’s witnessed — and our society’s inability to remain in committed relationships.  He writes of being hit on by unwed grandmothers, marriages wilting before the wedding flowers do, and a modernized portrait of the birth of Christ.

My favorite line:

“Forget Herod’s sword and the might of Rome, what dark and dismal times is this Christ Child born to bring peace and meaning into?”

A Film Critic on the World Cup

Richard Corliss, film critic, compares soccer to foreign films, and the World Cup to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  Soccer will never be truly popular in the United States, though it will have it’s own following, and every four years a few matches may be watched by the masses.  He goes on to discuss action in American sports versus art in soccer.

Alabama’s National Title Claims

They have 8, not 13.  Just saying.  They’re a great football school, (way more national championships than Auburn, my preferred team) just a dishonest one, that’s all.

Mullets Banned in Iran

Yes, there are approved haircuts for men in the country of Iran.  And “business up front, party in the back” is definitely not allowed.



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10 responses to “brett’s morning blend (13jul10)

  1. thanks for the link, i love to read your brother’s entries 🙂

  2. Daniel

    “Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.” This is what I am going to teach AnnElise when she gets older.

    • and other women who do not cook well disappoint their husbands and poorly prepare their children’s bodies for life, which increases the number of muggings, the prevalence of thievery, and hooliganism in general.

  3. JMF

    Hahaha, great point about Alabama. Typical SEC tactics. But, if they do want to claim 13, they need to bow and kiss the ring of Yale, who can rightfully claim anywhere from 18-26 National Championships.

  4. JMF


    Should I have put a comma after “Yale”? Can u explain to me why or why not? (While I’m at it, should my quote marks have ended outside the question mark above? That confuses me too…seems sometimes it is inside, sometimes outside.)

    My new year’s res this year was to improve my writing, and frankly, it is still crap. This may sound stupid, but I actually study you and Jay’s writing (both so technically good) and try to figure out rules for how you use punctuation.

    Hey, you decided to be a blogger, you should expect a little randomness every now and then.

    • i’m not sure you should be looking at my blog for proper punctuation training. word choice maybe (i think i’m good at that), spelling probably — but punctuation, not so sure about that one.

      but to answer your question, yes, i believe you needed the comma after “yale.” however, i myself would not have placed the comma after “but.” that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily wrong, though. rather than following strict rules for commas, i tend to place them where i’d like a pause. and you very well may want a pause after “but.” that seems to be a question of stress, though, and not punctuation: if you include the comma, you seem (to me) to be stressing a disagreement with something previously said; a comma makes it sound as if you’re going to disagree in some way with my point about alabama (which you said was great). if you don’t place the comma, the sentence (to me) reads the way i think you intended it. but, you see, a lot of that is just how i think it sounds — not hard and fast rules.

      but that’s how i write: the way i speak. that’s why i have so many of these things: “–.” because i need a longer pause than a comma provides, but i don’t want a new sentence. and you’ll also note that i’m not so stuck on every sentence having a subject and verb, etc. like two sentences ago (and this one). we don’t always talk in complete sentences, so depending on what i’m writing, i don’t write in complete sentences. i feel like i can better convey my meaning if i don’t adhere to strict grammatical rules.

      as for quotation marks, they always (as far as i know) rest outside any punctuation immediately following the quotation itself.

      i respect you for wanting to improve your writing; most people don’t seem to care. though what i really appreciate is the fact that you’re trying to do something about it (not that i think your writing is poor — this is more a commentary on how people make resolutions and don’t actually work towards them). that said, i think the best way to improve writing is to write. a lot. my guess is that jay’s writing ability has much to do with the sheer number of words he puts out. this once again leads us to the ever reoccurring question, “when are you going to start your blog?”

  5. JMF

    Hey Brett–

    Apprec the thoughts. I put a comma after “but” because I’ve noticed Jay puts commas after those…what would you say…”entry words” like “so”, “but”, therefore”, etc.

    I need to dive into my book; I need the most work in regards to punctuation/capitalization in regards to semi-colons and colons. Same goes for parentheses.

    You know what’s funny? I don’t even remember what a subject is. Obviously, I have an idea, but as for the rules, etc. I’m lost.

    Yeah, I enjoy improving at things. My M.O. seems to be that I get interested in something, try and perfect it, get bored, and move to something else. That has made me a successful jack-of-all-trades.

    Far as the blog goes — yeah, I procrastinate. Actually, I have one for my class at church — and I’m working on one for the church kids I grew up with (we had/have a very ill relationship with legalism, and no emphasis on a relationship with God). That is the one I’d told you about.

    Honestly? I haven’t put it up out of fear. Not so much fear that my friends won’t read and take an interest; rather, fear because I know there will be repercussions. And having been a Pharisee’s Pharisee, I know that becomes a battle of the prooftext. And one loses the argument as soon as he says, “I believe the Spirit has called me to…”. Is my skin thick enough to deal with the challenges I’ll endure? I don’t know. Whine, whine. Like I said, it is fear.

    • i can understand the fear thing. there are things i don’t post on my blog for fear — as much as i don’t like to admit it….

      and when you use a conjunction (but, therefore, so, and) in order to make a compound sentence, you place a comma before the conjunction. but, if you want an extra pause after the conjunction word, you also place one after (like in this sentence). [generally that pause stresses the relationship between the new sentence and the previous one… i think.]

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