caption this (#2)

Caption this.



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9 responses to “caption this (#2)

  1. “Hey, ya’ll, watch this!”

  2. okay, red shirt, you go long. yellow shirt, you go out past the elephant and cut right. two blue-shirts, you screen after the fake hand off. i’ll throw it to myself for a touch down. i’m brett “favre” harrison: that’s how i roll.

  3. David Robinson

    Hey Haji, pull this white guy’s finger!

  4. Brittney Harrison

    “But Brett, we still don’t understand why you shave your legs.”

  5. Where did you say the Tour de France was?

    Or Think we can win it?

  6. Ike

    “NO NO….if you follow Jesus… I can’t promise you a nice SUV like I have.” (I guess thats your vehicle in the back)????

  7. JMF

    So Snowflake wants in on a little clickety-clack action, eh?

  8. JMF

    “Okay, okay. I’ll tell you guys a story. Myself, Chet Wellington, and Teagan Van Der Houghton were just leaving the country club. We were exhausted from tennis lessons.

    Teagan said, “The way the bond market is going, I’m going to be needing a new revenue stream!”

    I paused, and said: “I’ll cut you a good deal on some derivatives!!!”

    We still laugh about that one to this day!!

    So yeah, guys — such was life for a young, well-heeled southern country club gentleman! But that was just one funny story! Wait until I tell you about the time me and Primrose Buchanon IV spike the punch at a gala with wine coolers!!

  9. Milynda

    First question (unrelated to the caption) why are the bikes in more shade than the humans?

    Secondly, why is the guy in the stripped shirt standing look out?

    Caption: This is called the three card monte (God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost). Follow Jesus. Follow Jesus. Pick the right card and you will get eternity in heaven. No lose. No lose. Bet your bottom dollar.

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