brett’s morning blend (27jul10)

Morning Blend is all running-related today:

Barefoot Chronicles

This is the blog of one Jason Robillard, barefoot running extraordinaire.  I refer to it regularly for barefoot training advice and inspiration.

See Jane Run

This is Jane McGuire Reneau’s running blog.  Janie and I grew up going to the same church camp, both went to Auburn, lived in China at the same time, and now read each other’s blogs.  Janie runs way more than I — and SHE’S a talented writer.  Oh, and her husband is pretty much a professional runner.  He once finished a 50K trail run before I got to the first drink station.

Pre: The Story of America’s Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine

I just started this book and am enjoying it so far.  For those of you not familiar with Steve Prefontaine, he was largely responsible for the running boom of the 1970’s and broke dozens of distance running records before his untimely death in a car accident at age 24.

Hey There Delilah

So I realize I may be years behind on this one (just like above book).  I was reading the March 2008 issue of Runner’s World magazine and came across an article about Delilah Dicrescenzo, now a professional Steeplechaser for Puma.  She’s a great athlete, but is better known as the Delilah of Plain White T’s fame.  The link above is about her running.  This one is about her involvement in the song.



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4 responses to “brett’s morning blend (27jul10)

  1. So do you run barefoot in Geita? I’ve run barefoot before, but only on the beach in SC. I’ve never contemplated doing it here in Nairobi! What do these guys do about parasites?!

    • i run barefoot in geita some. though, in my opinion, it’s the barefoot running FORM that’s important — not the actual being without shoes. in geita, i can run barefoot on the all-dirt roads, the sand ones, the paved one, and the goat trails. but i can’t run on what are the majority of our roads — they’re a mixture of red dirt and this really sharp rock (kind of like volcanic rock).

      so i do most of my runs in water socks (aqua socks, whatever people call them). they allow me to mid-foot strike, splay my toes, and feel the ground well. and they’re only like $15.

  2. Oooo, lots of interesting stuff in this morning’s blend! Thanks for the mention. Those were very kind words about me and my fella.

    And I LOVE the Delilah song and I’ve always wondered about her. I knew she was a runner, but little else. It is kind of sad that there was nothing between them. I always believed there was. That song came out when Jason and I were first together and I thought of a few lines of that song as “our lines.” Aw.

    Now I’m off to read the barefoot bit. I’m still intrigued by it. I’m running trails in my regular running shoes as a test of sorts. So far, so good.

    • no problem on the mention, janie. i think your blog is worth reading — especially for runners — so i’m happy to share it. and at least the plain white t’s guy and delilah did go together to the grammy’s. that’s kind of like a date.

      as for barefoot running i progressed from wearing nice running shoes to really old running ones to keen sandals to barefoot — and then back to the water socks. i’m happy right now, but my long runs are only at 8 these days….

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