leave your gift at the altar

Matthew 5:23-24… loosely:

So… if being angry with others brings judgment in the kingdom of God as if it were murder, do you really think God is pleased when you offer him your cross and bitter life as worship?  If you have a problem with someone, forget about “working on your relationship with God” until you’ve mended that relationship.  THEN offer your life of worship to your Father in heaven.

Loving one another is a mark (I might argue THE mark) of Christians living under the authority of King Jesus.  The way we treat one another should paint a picture of how our God treats us.  Our forgiveness and caring for our fellow Christians should be seen by the world as a sign of the kingdom, a demonstration of the Holy Spirit living in us, and a promise of what our community holds for them.

So, unless morning Bible studies, evening prayer times, worship “services,” and all our many attempts to “work on” our relationships with God can prompt us to love one another, I can’t say they’re worthwhile for believers.  If we’re an unloving group, holding grudges against one another, I think we’d be better off not wasting our time.

It seems Jesus would agree.



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4 responses to “leave your gift at the altar

  1. James: Every time i read this passage i can’t help but wonder what our communion services would look like if people took this seriously. We would either have very few taking communion or we would have a mass “stand up and go to the person” or a mass exit as people leave to go make things right. Just gotta wonder what Jesus thinks about our lack of “getting things right” with people.

    • we just don’t seem to take seriously the call to love one another. and not only that… we honestly believe we should give church attendance a higher priority than forgiveness and grace towards one another.

  2. Ike

    If “we” are an unloving group…..are “we” christians?

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