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Your links, madame.  And you, would you like a frothy beverage with that, sir?

Pilgrim’s Progress and Salvation

Is salvation an event or a process?  A transaction or a narrative?

“Salvation is much more than just addressing our legal difficulties, however necessary it is that those legal difficulties be addressed. We humans have more than just a sin-caused legal problem.”

William Black suggests Orthodoxy may have a better answer to these questions than Evangelicals.  And he speaks well of the theology contained in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress (which I’ve never read).

The Down Side of Self-Control

Something I’ve long known and often experienced is that if we rely on our own self-control to be a moral people, we are doomed.  What is required is a change of heart, a transformation of the mind itself.  This article is not about Christianity, but it certainly speaks to a few of our issues.  Two psychologists have concluded from their studies that self-control only works until an individual is tired, at which point he is more likely to become dishonest and selfish.

Gimmickry, Publicity Stunts, and the Church

From donkey raffles to nude paintings to “Bring Your Gun to Church Day” to free car giveaways, this is a timeline of just a few of the strangest publicity stunts done in the name of Christ.  It kind of makes me sick to my stomach….

Why Do You Hate Tim Tebow So?

Why do people hate the guy?  He’s a great kid, a great football player, and a great example.  Sure, I didn’t like it when Auburn had to line up against him, with his monstrous build and wee little “jump pass” — but what’s everybody really got against the Tebow?



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22 responses to “brett’s morning blend (3aug10)

  1. how could anyone hate a guy with a name like ‘tim tebow?’

  2. That bit about self-control is interesting. I certainly agree with the last statement about being tired. That can apply to so many different types of self-control!

    Like eating, for example. I might not think of it as “tired” exactly, but the hungrier I allow myself to get, the less I care what I eat. I just want to EAT.

    I haven’t read the article yet, I’m just going on that little blurb you wrote about it…but I certainly agree with that bit you posted.

    And I always liked Tim Tebow. Even if he was on the other team. 🙂

    • i didn’t like tim tebow in the very beginning, because i assumed he was just a really big quarterback who would run the ball. but then i watched him play some — he was incredible. and a good role model. i hope he does well in denver.

      i ran long today, and am tired… so i need to run so i can eat some fried snickers bars and moonpies.

      • Do they have fried snickers bars and moonpies in Tanzania? How far is long these days?

        • we have snickers bars but no moonpies (nor are there rc colas). also, the tanzanians don’t fry them; neither do i. i’ve never even had a fried snickers or moonpie. i have, however, eaten fried twinkies — they were a little much for me. so, anyway, i must confess that i completely made up that i was going to eat those things (lied, if you will).

          also, i’m embarrassed to admit that my long run is 8 miles. i enjoy reading your blog and you commenting on mine, chatting back and forth a bit about things. but this is the one negative. you run more and further than i do (and now in cycling too), so i’m always just a tad self-conscious about my mileage and the like.

          and while i’m confessing things of which i’m ashamed… i have no goals right now for running or triathlon. that may be why i’m at 8 miles (though i think it has more to do with slowly adding miles because this new barefoot stuff requires it). i have a goal of doing an ironman in every age group (too expensive otherwise — and impossible to find one close to here), so that means my next ironman will be between 2012 and 2017. i hope to do the comrades ultra in south africa in either 2012 or 2014, but that’s largely an issue of money whether or not i get to. i think there’s supposed to be a half-marathon in mwanza in september or october, but you never know if those things are really going to happen or not. so, i feel kind of blah about my running goals. i wanted to break 3:30 this year, but there’s not really a convenient marathon to get to. so i run because i like it and it’s a good prayer time, but i miss training for something. [that’s all, the end of whatever it is i just did — ranted, confessed, vented, complained, i’m not sure? anyways, it’s out there.]

          • You are hilarious. But I know what you mean. When I am at the peak of my training I think “won’t it be nice when I don’t have anything to train for and I can just run?” And it is nice for a month or two but then I can’t help myself. I read something (Born to Run) and then my mind gets to imagining and my crazy husband always approves and before you know it, I have a new goal. Like a 50 miler in October. Which is why my mileage is growing steadily (Lord willing). Although, on mornings like this one, when 5 miles in the heat and humidity is all I can muster, I wonder how in the heck I am going to get in all the mileage I need in these summer months to successfully complete a 50 miler. It is brutal here. We are under a heat advisory and all that.

            But here’s what I think. I think you SHOULD read blogs that make you self-conscious and aware of people who do more (not neccesarily me) because it keeps you reaching for more. That is the case with me anyway.

            Happy running, my friend! (and cycling and swimming)

  3. David Robinson

    YEAH TIM!!! I officially became a Bronco fan when Tebow was drafted. I love Tebow! Can’t wait to see him in the preseason coming up soon. We work right beside each other, too. The broncos training facility is less than a mile from my hangar.

    • were you a fan of any nfl team before that? i’m guessing the titans? i can’t say that i care at all about the nfl, though i do care about particular players (those on my fantasy team). but i do want the bow to succeed. can you go watch training at that facility? that’d be a pretty awesome lunch break.

  4. Can’t comment on the Tim Tebow topic as I don’t know that much about him. As for the other topics, bulls-eye!

    Andy Logan
    All Nations Word and Worship Center

  5. JMF

    For any that hate Tebow, read this article and report in:

    Brett, you asked how people can hate him. I believe i can answer that. He kinda plays into the stereotype of what many find annoying about *some* Christians.

    He can be interviewed right after a loss and he’ll have a fake-looking smile plastered across his face and start quoting scripture and having scripture printed on his eye tape.

    I admit, this would annoy me if it weren’t for the fact Tebow is the real deal. He’s done missions and stuff, ya know. He actually truly appears to be an un-fake Christian.

    So yeah, it is the do-gooding personality that generates the hate. Plus, he just got done abusing every team in the SEC for the last 4 yrs. That might have something to do with it.

    Personally, I like him. I’m not an SEC guy, so I don’t have that problem. He’s just a dominant college player. I don’t think his current style of play can succeed in the nfl. The linebackers and d-backs will all be 20#’s heavier.

    • so i looked at the link you gave. what kind of online newspapers do you subscribe to? the writing was… like nothing i’ve ever seen. could the author have spelled out “kelly faughnan” any more times with both her first and last name given?

  6. Brett, thanks for including me on your list! I’m glad you enjoyed it (or didn’t, as the case may be…) I hope God is blessing you in your work overseas. Grace and peace, man.

  7. Sorry I am late on this. Read Matt’s blog. Loved it. And even though I am not a football fan at all, I admire someone who takes a stand for what he believes to be right, in this case, Tebow’s stand for God. I wish him well in Denver, that he doesn’t slip up as other professional athletes who say they are Christians have. There will be no question he will be under the microscope and some young lady will take it as a personal mission to compromise him. I pray he takes safeguards similar to Albert Pujols, who won’t even get on an elevator alone if there is a woman on it by herself. Thanks for the blend.

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