the skill of writing

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A couple of months ago I confessed that I secretly want to become a professional writer.  [I also confessed in that post to biting my fingernails, not being able to write in cursive, and purposely lighting a neighbor’s yard on fire — but that’s beside the point.]  It’s true that I enjoy writing more now than I ever have before.  And it’s true that I desire to one day have at least a book or two published (I have lots of ideas).  Also true is that I’ve been paying more attention lately to what makes good writing.  I found this quote thought-provoking — not sure where I found it, but it somehow ended up in my “just thinking” file:

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.
— Edwin Schlossberg



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31 responses to “the skill of writing

  1. Beka

    Brett, you will have no problem getting published. You are so talented and driven! And you have so many interesting stories to tell. I look forward to reading your published works!

    • dude, you’re the fastest commenter ever, beka. i wasn’t fishing for compliments (promise), but thanks for them all the same. you overstate my abilities so much i may ask you to write one of those little blurbs for the inside flap…

      when’s your blog gonna’ be up and running?

  2. Don’t tell anyone…but I confess, I too hope to be a professional writer. And I love the quote. Keep writing the dear diary series, and you’ll get there in no time!

  3. that is a thought-provoking quote. recognize that many people have had their journals published and were quite popular…. you, sir, are already a writer, just not an author.

  4. Ike

    I have been working on a book for quite some time now. The title….”The Judas Tragedy”…….sub-title……”Why most “professing” christians are going to hell”. I base this on Matthew chapter 7. It might not out- sell “Your Best Life Now”……but it might help someone have their best life later.

    JB…..I have the utmost respect for Paul Washer. You remind me of him in many ways. Have you ever heard of him?

  5. Great quote! Jesus’ stories (parables) create a context for people to believe. Good stories are powerful! Keep working at the craft, brother.

  6. I have the same dream to become a professional writer. I have several writing projects that I have started; it is hard to find time to work on them though. I hope that someday God will open doors for them to be published!

  7. Hi Breet. I like the quote . And let me tell you that you are a very skillful and inspiring writer. God has given you this as a talent and spiritual gift.

  8. I’m sure you have tons of great material, esp for a memoir. I came into writing late (i took a creative writing course to kill time and found I had a talent for poetry) and have already had some things published. It is a great feeling to get paid for your work. I never thought I’d actually land a job writing, but it happened.

    Stick with it, and you will be published in no time 🙂

    • i don’t think a memoir interests me, but i do have a lot of stuff just sitting around. getting paid to write would be ideal. how did you first come across getting stuff (poetry?) published?

  9. Oh, I REALLY like that. Really. And I believe you have what it takes to follow through with some of those ideas you mentioned. It is my hope to do the same, but I lack the discipline to sit down and spend hours doing it. Once I’m in, I’m in and I love it and can get lost in it. But getting in is sometimes the hard part.

    • i think you’ve got the discipline i do in your pinky finger alone, janie. your running speaks for itself.

      i saw 20-30 large baboons this morning while i was running on the mountain — it was pretty scary.

      • Whoa. So do they just sit there and look at you? Do they holler? Maybe you could take a camera on your next run? I’d like to see these baboons and other running sights.

        • holler. now that’s a good word that i haven’t heard in a while…

          well, these two baboons today were barking like dogs — that’s how i knew they were, because i couldn’t see them in the beginning. then they ran alongside me in the woods until the two of them jumped out in the trail in front of me and chased each other. then they went back in the woods and ran parallel to me again.

          THEN a family of three stepped into the trail in front of me. the mother and baby crossed the trail and the big papa sat there staring at me. i was scared and stopped in the trail. then the whole group of 20 or so crossed while this guy “stood guard.” then he entered the woods, and i finished my run, my heart rate pretty stinking high and urine running down my leg.

          you guys should come visit africa. i bet both of you would like running here…

          • Whoa (again). My heart would be racing too! Man. Maybe you should carry a stick…? And I thought running through the Kentucky countryside was dangerous with all the free roaming dogs… baboons are something else entirely. At least I’m pretty sure Jane+stick would win over dog.

            I’m having airplane issues. It is taking all I have to get myself to Colorado.

          • what’s in colorado? and i think i’d rather face these baboons than some dogs i’ve seen. have you figured out yet how to handle dogs while on your bike?

          • Well, I haven’t yet had to handle any dogs while on my bike, although there was a near collision with a squirrel once, but I just kept riding and hoped for the best.

            Colorado is the 50 mile trail run I want to do. October 3. Training has commenced. It is just one flight so I should be able to handle that…but I sure am dreading that part.

            (It won’t let me reply under your post…have I used up my available replies?)

          • let me know when you get to the dogs part. that’s always an interesting thing to learn: how others deal with dogs on their bikes. [not dogs on their bikes, as in canines learning to cycle — but, well, you know.]

            so colorado is where the race is. which race is it, and how is it only one flight? are you running back to alabama after?

            (i have my blog set at 4 tiers of reply. so once a conversation gets to the 4th tier you just have to stay on that one. but i figure anytime it gets that far, the conversation will be pretty easy to follow anyway. and normally only two people, also…)

          • Yeah, it was interesting how people behind me reacted to the squirrel.

            The Bear Chase 50 mile is in Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, CO, which is near Denver. I just meant it was a straight shot to Denver from Huntsville and back. So just one 3 hour flight each way. I think I’d rather run back now that you mention it.

          • well, good luck on your first 50. that’s exciting. is jason running it, too?

  10. Yep, he’s running it too. We get event-envy if we do not. I told him I wanted him to qualify and get in to Western States so I could go as his crew.

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