7-link challenge

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A couple of weeks ago I came across Bryan Allain’s 7-Link Challenge. He credited Darren Rowse as both his inspiration and the creator of the challenge.  I figure I’ve put a lot of time into my blog, and it wouldn’t be all that bad for me to highlight a few posts from the past — especially on a Saturday.  So here you go — my own 7-Link Challenge:

1.  My first post: paul’s big mistakes

I believe this is one of the most misunderstood texts in the Bible.  Paul says he doesn’t do the things he wants to, and he does do the things he doesn’t want to.  And Christians have read this for years as if it’s the norm for a life in Christ.  It’s not.  And what a sad religion we’d have if it were.  “Jesus died on the cross, so you could always be disobedient and never have any real control over how you behave and what you do.”

2.  The post I enjoyed writing the most: i’ll have the fruits of repentance — no, the sushi

My favorite posts to write are the modern-day retellings of scripture.  And this is my favorite one of those up to this point.  It comes from Luke 3, and I wouldn’t read it if you love money more than people.  [But if that’s the case, you probably should read it… and then you should send me a check, so I can help poor people in Tanzania.]

3.  A post which had a great discussion: missionary predicament: hospitality and rest

This was my first post published to “Freshly Pressed.”  It speaks a bit to the culture of Tanzania as well as to the life of a missionary / development worker.

4.  A post on someone else’s blog that I wish I’d written: The Driven Goatee People Will Inherit the Earth

I’m cheating a little on this one.  I probably don’t actually wish I’d written this particular post, but I just want to give credit where credit is due.  Brant Hansen (a name eerily similar to Brett Harrison) was using this blog last October and November when I first began reading blogs.  And it was Brant who encouraged and inspired me (without knowing) to begin my own blog.  And so… I am here.  This Brant guy is really funny — I wish he was still doing the Kamp Krusty thing.

5.  My most helpful post: church planting: 3-column studies

One of the greatest problems in Christianity today is our lack of obedience.  We tend to study the Bible for knowledge — and, frankly, many of us know entirely too much about the Bible to look so little like Christ.  This post is my best attempt at teaching how to study the Bible for obedience.  If your Bible reading time isn’t what you want it to be, please give this 3-column method a chance.

6.  A post with a title I’m proud of: how to be creative (or “one-red-sock” zoe rides an eagle)

To be honest (and arrogant), I like a lot of my posts’ titles.  So I “eeny-meeny-miny-moed” this junk.  And this is the post that caught a tiger by his toe.  If you want to be a more creative person, you should read this.  [Actually, it probably won’t help you — better you give up and become an accountant.]

7.  A post I wish more people had read: what a father really wants

I wrote this while waiting in Dar es Salaam for Baylor to be born.  Not only does it paint a picture of what I want my baby girl to be like when she grows up, but it presents three simple God truths that I’m afraid we adults have somehow forgotten.  I want to have faith like a child.  Good thing, too, because that’s what Jesus wants for me as well.



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12 responses to “7-link challenge

  1. Amber

    You probably know this, but just in case you lost track of Brant Hansen (or maybe just in case anybody else out there is curious and wants to read more from him), his current blog is “Brant’s Brane” on morningswithbrant.com. Love him.

    • amber, thanks for the link. i had no idea what had happened to him. i’m trying to subscribe to his feed as i write this very comment. dude’s hilarious. i really appreciate the info.

  2. Quite a few comments yesterday. Hoping some might re-visit and you can channel them to other posts? I started to post a comment yesterday, but decided otherwise. You stepped into a river with many undercurrents. Welcome to the world of notoriety, bro. Rubel Shelly had an interesting take on the Anne Rice issue. You can find it here:

    • yesterday’s post made ‘freshly pressed’ on wordpress’ front page. that’s the reason for all the visitors. i actually had written (but not yet proofread) today’s post about a week ago. i hesitated to publish it today, though, because i didn’t want to seem like i’m just trying to publicize myself. but i didn’t have time to write anything else, so i went ahead and put it out there. though if even a couple of people visit the 3-column study page and begin studying the bible differently, i’ll probably think it worth it…

      i read the rubel shelly post a little earlier today — enjoyed his take. bob hyatt had some ideas i enjoyed reading as well over at:

  3. JMF

    I had read most of these — yet I somehow missed the sushi post. I’m glad I read that today…it was what I needed to hear.

    IMO, you are at your best when you are convicting. The modern day re-tellings allow you a great opportunity to offer that. For us non-creatives, it really helps us to apply a passage to our life. Often times I forget to apply what I read. I am too busy reading for knowledge to waste my time with that.

    • the modern-day retellings are my favorites to write. glad the sushi one was good for you today. i’m firmly convinced glory is most given to God when we apply, and are obedient to, scripture. knowledge is overrated.

      have you been posting on that one blog? if so, the feeds haven’t been finding their ways into my reader….

      • JMF

        LOL, you reader is not broke. Actually, I lost on of my dogs a couple of weeks ago and that pretty much hit me like a Mack truck.

        That said, I’m going to do some posting today that will interest you. My parents’ church (the one I grew up in and blog about) split two weeks ago. So now a small Midwestern town has two hyper-conservative COC’s, each congregation holding about 20 souls each. So I’m going to offer some analysis.

        • what kind of dogs do you have, fife?

          i’ll be sad to read your upcoming posts, i’m sure. but i’ll also be interested much to hear your commentary on the subject.

  4. JMF

    I (had) two boxers, now I just have one. I lost my male….he was about to turn 7 yrs old. I was having a bible study at my home…before we started, a couple of the guys wanted to go out and run in the yard with my dogs. They were having a great time — they’d only been out there a couple minutes — when he suffered a massive heart attack.

    I tried to revive him, but it was fast. By far the worst thing I’ve ever had to endure. I’m one of those weirdos that connects with animals a lot better than people, so it just doesn’t get much worse.

    What’s worse is that my female is really lonely. I’m working to find another dog, but at 7yrs old, it is hard to find compatible partners. Anyways, it has been tough. It has caused me to have to change around some things in my life (couldn’t take the vacation I was preparing for, etc.), but mostly, I just miss my best friend.

    All of that being said, Brett, I got you guys’ magnet in the mail this week — thanks! But the moment I got it, I knew what to do with it: I gave it to Becca this morning at church, and she was SO happy to get it.

    • sorry about the loss of your dog, fife. we are having some dog problems ourselves. ours keeps running away and returning to his old home with our teammates carson and holly. i think he’s lonely, because he got used to being there with other dogs.

      glad you got the magnet, and that they’re in such demand. tell me this, but i feel rude in saying as much… who is becca? [and then don’t tell her i asked.]

  5. JMF

    Sorry. Becca is Deron Smith’s wife. She was thrilled to get it.

    As far as your dog goes, IMO, two dogs are way easier than one dog. So, you might consider getting another. Believe it or not, they’ll be way less destructive and get in way less trouble. Also, a tired dog doesn’t want for much. So take him on runs/bike rides with you, and he’ll be way more easy-going and less apt to skip town. Two dogs will tire each other out, so you can remove yourself from the equation.

    • oh, great. so i guess she remembers christie (who will be happy to hear that becca got one of our magnets.

      thanks for the advice on the dog issue. i’ve never had one and didn’t really want one — but we felt like we should have one here to alert us of anyone attempting to break in at night, etc. so i know very little about dogs. we have talked about getting another one, though. maybe we’ll start looking…

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