brett’s morning blend (17aug10)

Preaching Noah and the Violence of God

God destroys all the men, women, and children in the world — save eight.  Grown adults desperately clinging to the outside of the one boat in existence while little babies drowned right from the start.  In the end everyone died (except one chosen family).  How do we preach a story like that?  What kind of God does that?  Zack Eswine offers some advice on the subject.

How to Spot a Missionary

Jon Acuff (despite our recent disagreement) writes one of my favorite blogs on the net.  In this little ditty, he shares with us his expert advice on how to spot a missionary.  Among the dead giveaways:  If she’s longwinded and can’t dance, you’re probably looking at a missionary (unless you’re at a Beverly Hills nightclub, in which case you might be trying to hit on Ellen Degeneres).

And if you have a growing suspicion that you yourself might be a missionary, you should probably have a look at this post: you might be a missionary in africa if…

Anatomy of a Christian Hipster

If you’ve found you’re not a missionary, but think you might be a Christian Hipster, this website should help you out a little.  Be sure to check out the interactive photos of real life Christian Hipsters.  I don’t think I fit any of these categories (I’ve only got about 1/16th of hipster in me), but I’d be closest to “The Fugal Collegian,” I suppose.


This video is compliments of Radiolab and NPR — and is pretty amazing:

The Lady’s Brunch Burger

Yesterday was another “Sandwich Monday” on NPR’s Wait Wait.  And don’t get me wrong, I think this sandwich looks absolutely delicious — but why in the world would it be called the LADY’s Brunch Burger?!  I don’t know very many members of the female persuasion who would put this atop their lists for any meal of the day, much less brunch.  Paula Dean’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.



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11 responses to “brett’s morning blend (17aug10)

  1. Ben

    What recent disagreement with Acuff?

    • it’s not (and wasn’t) a big deal, and i probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it. actually, i feel bad now that i did. but since my post has already gone out to everyone subscribed by email and reader, i will address it here out of fairness.

      i just felt like a recent post of his contained a poor interpretation of a few verses from matthew 11. i replied in the comments section and that day received a comment from him (on one of my posts) saying i’d raised a good point — and that he would add a p.s. to his post.

      i went to his original post, and he’d added a p.s. which quoted me and said that i’d automatically interpreted a post about God’s goodness as a watering down of the gospel, and that “we” should be careful not to do that.

      the bulk of the “disagreement” was from this portion of his essay, which was supported by mt 11:28-30:

      “When we surrender and are obedient to the Lord and find the thing he has uniquely prepared us for, the burden feels light. It feels easy.”

      overall, i don’t think his post was horrible or evil or anything like that — i love almost all his stuff. i just felt that this one writing gave an inaccurate portrayal of what it means to be a christian… and how easy it is.

  2. I really like the video. And I would eat the burger. And it is probably called a “lady’s” burger because it is a lot like us women folk. Lots of good stuff inside and two sweet buns.

    • Amber

      I was going to say I’m pretty sure that “The Lady” refers to Paula herself (i.e. The Lady and Sons restaurant and whatnot), but I like Jane’s answer much better.

      • oh… so she refers to herself as “lady” sometimes — as in she has a restaurant where she’s called that? well, that’s the problem, then. i just don’t know my paula dean trivia.

  3. hmmmmm, im not longwinded and I CAN dance, so I don’t know if that puts me outside the norm or what… lol

  4. i don’t know that i’m comfortable with where the ladies are taking this comment string…

    there should be no allusions to bottoms or boasting about dancing skills (especially when those boasts use a capitalized “CAN” to demonstrate spunk).

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