the daily walk’s 10 questions

Adam Tucker grew up in Dothan, Alabama.  That’s where I’m from.  And he’s got a blog. Like me (except he calls his The Daily Walk).  I think he also went to Auburn.  War Eagle!  But as much as we have in common… I’ve never met the guy.  I wouldn’t know him from — or as — Adam.

But he interviewed me.  And he put my 10 answers on his weekly “10 Questions” post.  If you don’t want to know my favorite musical artist, my dream job, or what God has to do with bacon… do NOT click on the following link.  Otherwise, feel free:

10 Questions with Brett Harrison of aliens and strangers



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19 responses to “the daily walk’s 10 questions

  1. After reading the 10 questions, I can say from one Pisces to another, Oh Brother Where Art Thou is a great movie!

    I also have Brother Lawrence’s book in both hardback and on my Nook. I discovered him after reading Tozer’s book, the Pursuit of God. Tozer has actually introduced me to many early church writers.

  2. JMF

    The Lawrence book is on my short list as well.

    “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”. Hmm. At this point, my only conclusion is that this must be a Southern thing.

    I saw that shortly after college with a group of friends…the Southern guys thought is was the greatest thing ever, me and the other Midwesterners thought it was the stupidest thing ever.

    Very pretty singing, though. I was interested to see what your “real” answer would be to the job question. As in, if you had to move towards a career…my guess would be teacher.

    • maybe o brother is a southern thing? or it could be an intelligence thing…

      as per a “real” career move, if i had a year to prepare for that career move, i might still give professional triathlete a try. honestly. and i know i can’t be a photojournalist, but i might really try to partner with a good photographer and do the writing part.

      if those answers aren’t acceptable, then i’d start a business (which is what i already intend to do at some point after tanzania). not sure what kind of business, but it will almost definitely be in asia. so that i can fund my own “mission” work there. i’d love to open some sort of “adventure” business — rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking guided trips, etc — but don’t know about the feasibility of said business.

  3. Dude. Loved the q&a! I, too, hope the coffee’s good, real good!

    • i can’t imagine that Jesus would serve Folgers in heaven, or worse yet, Starbucks.

      thanks for coming by justin. and nice blog.

      • you make me feel so sketch about my shoutouts for starbucks. but to be fair, i despise their coffee.

        i think i will have to change my one-liner in the About Me section due to this conviction.

        • to be fair and honest, justin, i love sitting at starbucks. i really enjoy the atmosphere, and they make some really incredible frappucinos. i just don’t like their black coffee. it usually tastes burnt to me. [i’m also not a huge fan of their prices, but that’s besides the point when speaking of quality, i suppose.]

  4. Read your answers over at Adam’s blog first. Sorry. 🙂 As for you choice of movie: gotta agree with JMF that it has to be a Southern thing. Since I hail from Pennsylvania…well you know. Loved knowing more about you though.

  5. Thanks for answering the 10 questions for my blog. I really appreciate it.
    Not an Auburn alum though. I went to Birmingham Southern College in Birmingham, AL to play baseball.
    I have always loved Auburn though.
    Baseball lead me to BSC which helped pay for my college degree.
    Thanks Again… It was fun…

    • oops. sorry about the auburn thing — i looked on your blog, but it didn’t say. and we’d had all these back-and-forth “war eagles,” so i just assumed.

      what position did you play?

      and you did go to northview, right? when did you graduate?

      and thanks for thinking of me for the 10 questions post; it was a lot of fun. it seems some of this blog’s readers enjoyed it as well.

  6. Ha! Great interview.

    By the way – I have a word like “infrared” in my past. In elementary school, I was reading from a science book and I read the word “materials” like “materals.” Then I died laughing and couldn’t stop and got in trouble.

    I still silently say “materals” when I read the word even though I know now that it is materials. I just hope I don’t slip up one day and actually say it out loud…again.

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