brett’s morning blend (24aug10)

Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis

The first issue of Missio Dei is out, and you can download it free.  I honestly don’t know a great deal about the magazine, as the combination of my poor Tanzanian internet and my Mac have left me unable to download and see the first issue.  I really only know two things:

  1. that it’s primarily edited and published by a bunch of Church of Christ guys (I think most of them went to Harding University).
  2. and that two of my favorite missions fellows have written articles for this first issue — Mark Love and Gailyn Van Rheenen.

The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.

Every fall, Matt Might “explain[s] to a fresh batch of Ph.D. students what a Ph.D. is.

It’s hard to describe it in words.

So, [he] use[s] pictures.

[See this link] for the illustrated guide to a Ph.D.”

7 Reasons to Switch to the Dvorak Keyboard Layout

All you guys and gals still using the QWERTY keyboard are so far behind the times.  If you were really serious about typing quickly, correctly, and with the least health problems possible, you’d switch to the Dvorak keyboard.  And here are seven great reasons to do so.  Oh, and while the author doesn’t report such, using the Dvorak keyboard also makes you run faster, jump higher, win your fantasy football league, and be able to catch and ride flying dinosaurs.

Fake Tennis Shoes from China

When I lived in China, I was always seeing knock-off clothing items for cheap.  But sometimes I just couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t.  One rumor had it that some of the stuff was real, yet stolen.  Another reasonable idea was that the guys in North Face and Puma factories were working illegal overtime, making the same jackets and shoes with the same materials, but off the books.  Then there was always the most probable case — these were simply fakes made in factories where all they make is fakes.

This New York Times article answers a lot of these questions.  And I’ve got a couple of pairs of Puma kicks for sale really cheap if anybody’s interested….



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7 responses to “brett’s morning blend (24aug10)

  1. I checked out a couple of the links.. the illustrated guide to a PH.D was awesome. I love visuals!

    I also checked out the Missio Dei.. Holy Cow do they use a lot of big words. Seems like something that is for those who have been to seminary. I did like the word Praxis.. I will now add it to my vocabulary.

    Is that site just focused towards those who are in traditional missionary fields (i.e off to a foreign soil as a ‘professional’ Christian)?

  2. i know that one of the editors is working in a church plant in dallas, texas, so i assume the missio dei journal is not for traditional missionaries only. but i can’t say that with any certainty; i haven’t been able to read even a single article yet.

    big words, huh? i’m guessing the magazine does assume a seminary or graduate school background…

  3. Sean

    It’s profoundly sad that he ended this post with, “the only way to end this kind of suffering is science.” How much this world needs Christ.

  4. I definitely have some knock off’s from here and also from Africa, where you can’t get the real thing at all…

    the phd thing is pretty cool 🙂

  5. so, have you talked to the pastor yet? i’m ready for the rest of the story….

    • i have spoken with him. but it won’t make a good blog post yet. for now i’ll just let you know that we’ve spoken by email and in person, and are supposed to eat a meal together in the next couple of weeks. i am not buying instruments for the church, but will go and visit at some point in the future; he even asked me to teach one sunday. so it looks like the beginning of a relationship.

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