brett’s morning blend (31aug10)

Time Travelers and the Eschaton

Church of Christ eschatology has generally been something like this:  there will be a judgment day, and we don’t know when it is.  In this essay, Richard Beck comments on that interpretation — but better yet he allows us to share in a conversation in which he explains the word eschaton (and its implications) to his son.  You see, I’m from the future…

How Rich Are We?

Trey Morgan shares some stats about money and its usage from around the world.  And in a couple of days he’s going to share some ideas on how we can help the situation.  Did you know Americans spend 15 billion dollars on bottled water when we have perfectly clean water that comes from our taps?  Here’s a picture of the water that comes from our tap here in Tanzania:

from the kitchen faucet -- the filter saves boiling a lot of water

Rwandan Coffee

If you regularly read aliens and strangers, you know that I drink Rwandan coffee (exclusively).  The coffee from Rwanda, in my mind, is matched only by Ethiopian Yirgachefe — and because the Rwandan border is less than four hours from Geita, this is actually the easiest whole bean coffee to come by.

Bourbon Coffee shop, which Christie and I enjoy, has three locations in Kigali, Rwanda, and (I just discovered) one in Washington D.C.  They’re soon to open another in Boston, and New York City is after that.  If you’d like to read more about Rwandan Coffee or the Bourbon brand, this article’s for you.

The Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt

This is another installment of “Sandwich Monday” from Wait, Wait of NPR.  Foods are something I miss a great deal while here in Tanzania — but I’ve found it’s probably actually the convenience of getting those foods that I miss the most.  Anyway, why has no one thought of a fried cheese sticks sandwich before now…

Fantasy Football

So, I won my league last year… from Tanzania.  Yep, the guys in my league apparently don’t know anything at all about football.  To read the only blog post I’ve ever written about American football, in which I mention the boneheads who make up my league, and in which I confess that I didn’t know who won the Super Bowl until I was able to watch it last year… on March 24th (yes, I watched the Super Bowl during March Madness, didn’t know who won until then, AND won my fantasy league), click here.]

So here’s the team I drafted this year.  And I’m no expert at fantasy football (though I did win our league last year), but after the roster I’ve shared one word of advice concerning the intelligent use of first round draft picks.


  • Philip Rivers
  • Brett Favre
  • Vince Young

Running Backs

  • Ryan Grant
  • Jamaal Charles
  • Joseph Addai
  • Arian Foster


  • Andre Johnson
  • Steve Smith (NYG)
  • Donald Driver
  • Mike Wallace
  • Lee Evans
  • Johnny Knox
  • Chris Cooley (TE)


  • Green Bay Packers
  • Jon Beason


  • David Akers

It’s not how many fantasy points a player scores that’s important.  It’s how many points that player scores IN RELATION to other players of the same position.  Hence, I took Andre Johnson in the first round (4th pick), despite the fact that “all the points are scored by running backs.”


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