brett’s morning blend (7sep10)

I’ve not been on the internet much this week — so I’ve really got no (new) links to share.  But I’ve not ever missed a Tuesday’s “morning blend,” and don’t want to start now.  So I present to you a few of my favorite links in the history of “morning blend.”

DNA of Church Planting Movements in Small Groups

This is a great article that basically sums up our team’s strategy for evangelism in Tanzania.  The author gives some pretty good arguments for small groups, and also supplies us with a list of core values that should be established early on in any group.  A must read for evangelists, missionaries, and church planters — or for those who don’t understand yet exactly what we’re doing in Geita, and want to.

How to Pray for Missionaries

David Hosaflook suggests every Christian should be involved in the Great Commission — and then offers how to do so through prayer.

Dinosaurs and Jesus

Have you ever wanted to see Jesus riding a tyrannosaurus rex?  Or rocking a baby allosaurus to sleep?  These questions are rhetorical, of course.  Who would turn their back on such joy?!  And Jason Boyett, author of the Pocket Guides, is just the man to bring you these pictures.

Dance Praise?

“Dance Praise puts a whole new spin… on today’s high-energy dancing games by combining two of today’s most popular entertainment trends – contemporary Christian music and dance arcades. ”  I’m not falling for it.  No way — this is a trick.  You know, a spoof done by some youth minister.  Fake.  It’s not real.  There’s no way it could be.  I’m no fool.  Can you imagine being bamboozled by this hoax?  Nope — not me; no internet expert web designer’s gonna’ take me for that ride.  You’ve gotta’ get up pretty early in the morning.  Definitely this is not true. I can say that without any hesitation…  I think.

The Solution for World Hunger: Eating our Pets

Yes, pets are to blame for most of the problems in our world.  But this guy’s got the answer.  Alas, so many cats and so few recipes.  But I tell you, I knew when I lived there that the Chinese were onto something…

Autocomplete Me (or “Fat people are harder to kidnap”)

You know how Google automatically tries to complete your search query with frequently requested search terms?  Yeah, this site is dedicated to that.  And there are some really funny “autocompletes” out there.  In addition to fatties being kidnapped, here are just a few of my favorites.  [Keep in mind, a lot of people had to search for these things…]:

  • Why is daddy in a dress?
  • My brother was eaten by wolves on the Connecticut Turnpike.
  • This looks like a job for emergency pants.
  • Bacon is a little hug from God.
  • I did the macarena with a homeless guy in an elevator because Big Bird said to, and he’s my leader.
  • Amish Online Dating

Really?  Amish Online Dating?  “My name is Obadiah, and I enjoy long walks on the beach, making furniture, and reading by candlelight.  I’m looking for a wife who can cook over an open fire, wants to have a lot of children, and… DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO USE THE INTERNET?”


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  1. The last bit is hilarious. What I want to know is was it YOU doing the bacon search on Google??? I think so.

    I have been planning from a very young age to ask God about the dinosaurs when I got to Heaven. I’ve been planning to get the scoop on that for a long time.

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