a lesson in math for steve conroy

A 16th-ranked Auburn team (AP) just barely squeaked past an unranked, but talented, Clemson team.  It took the Tigers from Alabama an illegal snap and a failed second attempt of a Clemson field goal to win in overtime, 27-24.

So I get it if the AP voters want to move Auburn down a position to #17 in their poll.  Heck, I suppose I’d understand if they dropped the Tigers a spot or two further than that.

But what I don’t get is the Boston Herald’s Steve Conroy and his voting practices.  Conroy’s the only AP voter (of 65) who doesn’t have Auburn ranked in his top 25 — which is every bit his right and prerogative, and it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Auburn is indeed a #26 or #27 team.  Last week Conroy had Auburn at #19 and Clemson at #20.  This week, though, Auburn is a no-show on Steve’s ballot, while the Clemson Tigers are sitting pretty at #25.  So let me get this right, Steve… two undefeated teams face one another, the winner falls from the top 25, and the loser stays?  Mr. Conroy, I think you’re mistaken.  Give glory to God, man.  Be honest.

The Coach’s Poll, by the way, moved Auburn up one spot from #15 to #14.  Next game: South Carolina.  War Eagle!



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2 responses to “a lesson in math for steve conroy

  1. Daniel

    I see that you don’t have many sports fans reading your blog so I will comment here. You’re right that is nonsense.

    • yeah, apparently only bible nerds read my blog (of which i am the chiefest, i suppose).

      there’ll be another blog post soon about something else really silly in the ranking system. not just a voter or two, but the whole system… it’s in my head, but not on paper yet.

      thanks for being my lone sports fan, d.

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