brett’s morning blend (21sep10)

Sex Isn’t Selling

Pornography revenues are down 80% over the last 3 years… which sounds like great news.  And may very well be.  But it’s likely this decline has little to do with morality — and is more due to our culture’s refusal to pay for sex and porn these days;  there’s just so much out there for free.  So we’re seeing a lower morality actually drop porn consumption.  Ironic.  Tim Challies writes all about it in this essay on why sex just isn’t selling these days.

Who’s Going to Hell

It’s incredibly unlikely, I suppose, that any one individual or group understands correctly who exactly is going to heaven and who is indeed going to hell.  Yet we constantly attempt to draw these lines.  Richard Beck looks at Type I and Type II errors in reading trends in data sets, and suggests he finds in them a major difference between “conservative” and “liberal” churches.

The Facts About Calories

An info-graphic about just what the title would suggest.  Recommended intake, calories consumed, calories burned, etc, etc.

Dollars Spent = Wins in a Season

This just in.  Those NCAA schools which spend the most money on their football programs win the most games.  That’s why Ole Miss shouldn’t complain quite so much about their record this season.  They come in at #63 in spending.  And I’ll bet you can guess who the other low-spenders in the SEC are.  That’s right:  Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky join the Rebels to round out the bottom four.

The Quotable Les Miles?

Yep, a website completely devoted to Les Miles’ ridiculous and nonsensical quotes.  If you’re not an LSU fan, you’ll love this site.  If you are, you’ll hang your head in shame.  Just a quick sampling:

  • “Louisiana has a heritage of great players that play their high school football within the boundaries of Louisiana.”
  • “I can only tell you that the only fit to me for those players on this campus is extremely good.”
  • “That advantage when you’re a team that provides great opportunities and also an opportunity to play for a national championship is, in this state, a tremendous advantage for us.”
  • “There’s still a lot of football to play for and a lot of football left.”
  • “As soon as we know exactly who we are playing and what date we will be playing on, the schedule will become more finite.”
  • “This year it was a nice pass that was underneath the coverage that Brandon LaFell interpreted to be a touchdown.”

The Best Bathroom Sign Ever

Apparently, there’s some instruction needed these days on how NOT to use a public restroom.  This sign’ll do just the job.



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6 responses to “brett’s morning blend (21sep10)

  1. I read the ‘Who’s going to Hell’ article. It was very intellectual and fun to read. However, it starts with a false position. The church is not a community of people trying to determine who is in or out (though church discipline can be administered to that point.. but I digress).

    The church community is made up of those persons who have made a public confession of their faith. Only God knows which are true sheep and which are goats. That being said, church instruction requires that we be accountable to each other. The litmus test within the church is whether transformation is occurring… are people applying truth as prescribed by the Word.

    That is a very hard thing to do…. just look at how much time the writers of the New Testament Epistles spent providing church doctrine. The decision model there was not ‘who is going to heaven and who is going to hell’ but instead was, ‘are you being obedient’.

    By the way… appears the writer of the blog may be a faith by works proponent and he seems to think that Paul and James stand at odds on the faith vs works discussion.

    • “The church is not a community of people trying to determine who is in or out.”

      i’m with you, tony, except i’d add three words to that statement to make it more true:

      “the church is not SUPPOSED TO BE a community of people trying to determine who is in or out.”

      i’m afraid too often that’s just what we make it about, which is part of why i found the article so interesting. plus, richard beck is one of my favorite bloggers…

  2. JMF

    I read the porn article. The good news: the author of the post does not look at porn. The bad news: because the author does not look at porn, he has no idea what he is talking about.

    I’ve said before — and I don’t hide from this — porn is a struggle for me. And I can tell you with certainty, porn ain’t goin’ nowhere. The reason that porn revenues are being cut? Because the hottest thing going is amateur porn.

    • i am blessed to say, jmf, that God has empowered me (like the author) not to know much at all about pornography of today. but what you say would certainly make sense. in challies’ defense, he was mostly speaking of an article he’d read in some magazine — and their findings.

  3. great morning blend – but i also wanted to give props for the comment left at matt’s site yesterday morning…yes sir! anyways, good stuff, man.

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