brett’s morning blend (28sep10)

It’s time to highlight some blogs (and authors) that are a little closer to me than others I read:

Relevance of Theology

College classmate (Lipscomb ’97-’99) and fellow youth ministry intern (Madison ’98) Ben Forrest believes theology should be relevant to all aspects of life.  It seems N.T. Wright agrees.  Ben works for Dave Ramsey, and was a great goalkeeper (in his day).

The Mockingbird Parables

I generally don’t go for this kind of thing — one book written to spiritualize another in a way the author (almost definitely) did not intend.  But To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite fiction book of all time, so I may give this one a shot.  The book reviewer, in this case, is Adam Tucker who, like me, hails from Dothan, Alabama.

A Cheap Shot at Consumer-Driven Church

Randy Morgan and I became friends (I think he’ll allow me to call us that) through our blogs.  In this post he quotes one Archibald Brown, who, in the early 1900s, was speaking to the problem of consumer-driven churches.  Randy’s always talking down on attractional models for evangelism.

12 Saturdays and a Bowl

James Hayes and I were classmates at Lipscomb (along with Ben Forrest), and he’s been writing about football for a long time — though the blog is new this year.  James is one Ohio State loving preacher.  But last week he said Auburn’s home jerseys were the best in college football (which I liked to hear).  And this week, speaking of Vanderbilt recruiting in little-talent Tennessee, he gave me one of my favorite quotes ever:

Once Tennesee, Alabama and Auburn have raided Tennessee, Vandy is left with two Quiz Bowl champions and a trombone player.

James is a funny guy.  You should read his stuff.



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  1. Thanks for the link. It is much appreciated.

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