brett’s morning blend (26oct10)

This week in morning blend:

The NGO and Parachurch Rape of African Christianity

William Black addresses a problem with theological training in Africa.  Students come from their villages in order to be equipped to lead churches back home, but never return.  Instead, they are quickly hired up by NGOs, Parachurch mission organizations, and even government entities.

Why are Pastors Fat?

The author lists several reasons he believes ministers are overweight — despite the fact that they should be examples to others in both moderation and caring for the bodies given them by God.

17 Million Americans Went to College for This?

Basically, there are a whole lot of people going to college and then working jobs in which college degrees are not needed.  [For example, 16% of bartenders have college degrees — as do 25% of amusement park attendants.]  Richard Vedder says a big change is coming to our system of higher education.  I hope so.  It seems to me a bachelor’s degree today is what a high school diploma was in the 70’s.  And so we’re basically putting off by four years the ability of most individuals to contribute to society.  I hate to be rude, but I just don’t think all of us should be going to college.  It seems we’re also lengthening adolescence and teaching that responsibility doesn’t come until about 26.

A Social Worker’s Perspective of Disney Characters

Bambi never met his absent father, and was raised by a single mother who was later murdered.  Aladdin was orphaned and homeless, and committed petty crimes in order to eat.  Ariel was a rebellious teen being raised by her father, who ran away to be with a man.  You get the idea.  This is an interesting list, to say the least.

Awkward Family Photos

This entire website is devoted to funny family pictures.  A little taste of what you’ll find:

some flowers just don't need more pr

Men’s Health Stopped Writing New Cover Lines Years Ago

Apparently “Men’s Health doesn’t work. If you have to tell your readers how to ‘Get Back In Shape’ ten times in four years, they’re not getting back in shape.”  But for the record, I’m sure Cosmopolitan does the same.  How many times can you study how to please your man?

How to Wrestle an Alligator… and Win

I added the “and win” bit, but it was assumed in the article — just unstated.  Which got me thinking about all the “how to” articles I myself could write, provided people aren’t looking for success (or practicality) in their endeavors:

  • How to Wrestle an Alligator
  • How to Lose 100 Pounds in Six Hours
  • How to Skydive Like There’s No Tomorrow
  • How to Operate Heavy Machinery While Drunk and Blindfolded
  • How to Fight “Like” a Man


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2 responses to “brett’s morning blend (26oct10)

  1. ted

    Ariel’s father did not run off to be with a man.

    The master’s degree seems to be equivalent of what a BA used to do, as I could never get a teaching job until I got an MFA, which is supposed to be a terminal, college-teacher degree, but isn’t really.,14257/

  2. the ariel sentence was poorly written — as are, if we look closely, many of my sentences. but this mistake actually made the sentence better. […if humor is indeed the goal of a sentence. and i think we all know that it is.]

    yeah, a master’s degree is now what a b.a. was — i’m with you. the fact that there exist bachelor’s degrees with which you can do absolutely nothing (and you’re told that going in) seems to me to be a sign that we’ve gone wrong somewhere. there’s no reason i shouldn’t be able to learn in 4 years what i need to know for most jobs. not all, but most. and even when people do get jobs within their field of study, they normally have to be taught what to do at that job anyway. it’s not like they really go in prepared.

    in other news, ted, i bought a couple of spiderman sleeping bags the other day for $6 apiece. not that you’re a huge spiderman fan, but they didn’t have batman.

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