halloween clowns

For your Halloween enjoyment, here is one of the creepiest photos I’ve seen in quite some time.  It comes from the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks, which happens to be one of my favorite locations on the worldwide internetwebs:

do you think "my kids" are not in fact children -- or are they not in fact mine?

We all know clowns are a little disturbing in the first place.  But these two greatly enjoy feeding kids.  After all, love is a strong word.  One might say these painted up guys revel in, or even relish, giving edibles and foodstuffs to children.  And then there’s also those awkward and troublesome quotation marks…

Well, Happy Halloween!  From me and two demented circus clowns with funnel cakes in their pockets.



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5 responses to “halloween clowns

  1. Kim

    Umm yeah… that is totally creepy. That just adds another layer to my general dislike of clowns.

  2. Kevin Linderman

    reminds me of the twilight zone with the aliens having the book “how to serve man”… which turned out to be a cookbook.

    Makes me wonder if the clowns want to feed “your kids” to whom…

    and your reference to funnel cakes did cause an unexpected case of salivation

    • i’ll be eating a funnel cake one year from now… at the national peanut festival in dothan, alabama. they’ve also got some pretty mean corndogs. and no clowns, that i remember.

  3. heather joy

    Let’s just be honest here… this takes creepy to a whole new level. How did they think this would be okay?
    Anyways… I highly dislike {despise} clowns.
    Thanks for the laugh though.
    ~ Heather Joy

    • heather, thanks for stopping by the blog — even if it was on the day of the only creepy post i’ve ever made. promise i don’t generally post disturbing photos…

      oh, and we’re always honest here.

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