brett’s morning blend (09nov10)

A lot of links today.  And probably something for everyone.  Enjoy (preferably with a cup of non-lethal joe).

Engaging Scripture Through the Spirit

Brad Stanford shares his thoughts on allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our study of scripture.  How do we know we’re hearing God and not something or someone else?  Are we able to receive more information from God than what is actually contained in scripture?

Our Disconnected Families

One of the greatest benefits of living in Africa is that there are less distractions.  I’m able to spend a great deal of quality time with both my wife and my daughter.  And quality time with one’s family seems to be going the way of split pants and cup ball.  This essay is a snapshot of four dads and what they do when given time to eat lunch with their children — a true story.  And a sad one at that.

The Secret of Great Men: Deliberate Practice

More and more these days, the idea is coming under fire that natural talent and ability is the determining factor in success and achievement.  Here is one more article that suggests as much.  It is not genetics, but deliberate practice, that is the key to success.

5 Thing You Didn’t Know About a Guy of Whom You’ve Never Heard

Have you ever heard of Nolan Bushnell?  Me either.  But the guy invented Pong, Atari, AND Chuck E. Cheese.  Can you believe that?!  One guy.  One incredibly amazing and completely genius man with whom I’d like to share a meal… or a bank account.

A Man Dies of Caffeine Overdose

From the title I thought this article was going to be really bad news to me (6-8 cups of coffee every morning).  But then I read Dr. Braverman’s statement — that a lethal dose of caffeine would be about 10,000 milligrams — or 100 cups of coffee.  So I’m only 7-8% dead after my morning binge.

Bacon-Flavored Soda

This gift just in time for the holidays is from none other than Jones Soda Co.  You guys know how much I love bacon.  So much so, in fact, that this link was sent to me in an email from one of my top five blog readers, knowing that I’d enjoy it.  Thanks, JMF (who probably calls it Bacon Pop — where I come from it’d be Bacon Coke).

Barefoot Running — Anatomy of Foot Skin

From Dr. Daniel Howell, one of the guys most intelligently promoting the barefoot running movement.  Our feet are designed to work barefoot.

An Alabama Fan Crying About the Football Season

I love listening to Alabama fans whine and cry about a poor season (not that this one is really poor from them — just sub-perfect).  But it’s especially fun when it’s Jay Guin, of progressive Church of Christ fame.  Jay says (among other things):

I’m inconsolable. And, yes, I have a son at Auburn. And, no, that doesn’t make it any easier. Now I have to live with the whole thing. Life has lost all meaning. There is no hope. There is no balm in Tampa or wherever we wind up playing. Oh, the pain of dashed high expectations!

But Wait, Jay — There is Hope. There is a Balm.  There is a Chance.

Jay, your beloved Crimson Tide can still win the SEC Championship.  It’s still remains a possibility.  This article says so.  All you need to happen is the following (incredibly complicated and difficult-to-comprehend scenario):

Alabama needs to defeat Mississippi State and Auburn. The Crimson Tide needs Auburn to lose to Georgia this week at home and LSU to lose to Ole Miss on Nov. 20 at Baton Rouge, La., or to Arkansas on Nov. 27 at Little Rock, Ark.

In a three-way tie with LSU losing to Arkansas, the three teams would be 1-1 against each other, both Alabama and Auburn defeated Arkansas while LSU lost to Arkansas. That would eliminate LSU. Alabama would go to the championship game by virtue of beating Auburn head-to-head.

In a three-way tie with LSU losing to Ole Miss, the three teams would be 1-1 against each other and 2-0 against Arkansas and Mississippi State, both Alabama and Auburn defeated Ole Miss while LSU lost to Ole Miss. That would eliminate LSU. Alabama would go to the championship game by virtue of beating Auburn head-to-head.

Alabama also would represent the Western Division in a four-team tiebreaker between itself, Arkansas, Auburn and LSU (if it loses to Arkansas). In the head-to-head against the four teams, Alabama and Auburn would be 2-1 (both defeated Arkansas, Alabama defeated Auburn and Auburn defeated LSU; LSU lost to Arkansas and Auburn; Arkansas lost to Alabama and Auburn). Alabama would get the tiebreaker by virtue of a victory over Auburn.

So you’re saying there’s a chance…?




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12 responses to “brett’s morning blend (09nov10)

  1. Interesting articles today, thank you.
    I loved the going barefoot link. I am always barefoot and Luka is kept barefoot most of the time too but everyone always teases me about it. I think it is completely normal but no one else seems to and they keep asking when I am going to buy shoes for my poor child.
    However, I am not as hardcore as you are. I always wear shoes when I go for a run. I don’t know how you manage it, it’s admirable.

  2. Hey Brett: took a little time (too much really) checking some of the blogs out. Spent quite a bit of time on Jay’s reading posts. Also went to Brad’s and told him I came by way of you. That ought to get you a diet Dr. Pepper. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the nudge. I will visit his site again and read that post again.

    • i hope i do get that diet dr. pepper. i haven’t had one in a long time. but i was in dar and had a dr. pepper zero — do you guys have those now in the states?

      glad you enjoyed jay’s blog — or i assume you enjoyed it. he does some pretty good bible study stuff on there. and sometimes the discussions are useful as well. though it definitely is slanted to us church of christers.

      • I have not seen Dr. Pepper Zero yet although I did buy some Pibb Zero (Sugar Free Pibb) for the first time. Never saw it before either. I did not come out of the coC but did come out of the Restoration Movement (CC/CoC) so a lot of what he was writing about was familiar. I did appreciate his openness about the music question and the lack of legalism I saw there. Will have to investigate further. 🙂 Thanks for putting me on to it.

  3. I am a fan of bacon myself (extra crispy), but I don’t know that I want to drink it…

    I’m glad caffeine is not dangerous after all…whew! Since I drink even less than you and you are safe, I think I’m in the clear.

  4. JMF

    Often, I’ve dreamed of having one to the top 5 blogs on the internet. Today, I’ve settled for the consolation prize: being a top 5 reader of ‘Aliens.’ The honor is mine.

    Really good articles today…like Bill said, I spent a wee bit too much time reading. Being said, I’m getting ready to go take my dog for a walk barefoot. Seriously. After going to your link, I read a few other posts and I’m sold.

    I’d highly encourage everyone to read the link to Brad Stanford. He is an amazing writer that gets me out of my box. He recently released a book that has changed some of my paradigms quite drastically.

    It is a book to help men that struggle with porn (that’s, oh, about 80% of us — with another 20% that either white-knuckle it, lie, or have experienced deliverance.) This book deals with the topic in a completely unique way.

    It has been of great benefit to me, and I highly recommend it to ALL guys (and women…it will help you to understand us). Plus, all of the proceeds go towards an outreach endeavor that Brad has taken on to aid single moms.

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