brett’s morning blend (23nov10)

10 Ways to Improve Your Church’s Worship Service

I’m not big on lists that attempt to solve problems.  Nor am I comfortable with the way we think of worship as being solely what we do on Sunday mornings.  And I don’t agree with everything in this list.  But despite all of that, there are some very good points made by this Donald Whitney guy in this article.  It’s worth a read if you suspect there could be some improvement in your church’s Sunday gatherings.

How the Church Can Improve Christian Education

As long as I’m posting lists, here’s another.  You know that it’s my opinion we’ve studied the Bible to death in churches of Christ — and I’m sure other groups are guilty as well.  So I don’t accept that an inadequate education program is what’s wrong with our churches today.  We possess far more knowledge than our obedience would suggest.  But, again, there are some good ideas in this essay.

Is Marriage Obsolete?

39% of those participating in this recent Pew study believe marriage is indeed becoming obsolete.  41% of babies born in 2008 were born to unmarried mothers.  And in recent years there’s been a 10% increase in marriages in which the women is taller than the man.  If that last statistic isn’t a sure sign that marriage as an institution is crumbling, I don’t know what is.

700,000,000,000 Minutes (700 billion)

That’s how much time is collectively spent on Facebook each month.  Each month.  That’s 1.3 million years every month.  Every month.

Thanksgiving Foods and Their Origins

No, Holly, green bean casserole was not served at the first Thanksgiving meal.  Nor was it introduced to Pilgrims by native Americans.  Rather, it was invented by a Campbell’s Soup employee in 1955 — in an effort to sell canned cream soup and french fried onions.  I’d say the soup company was successful in this venture.

Settlers of Catan

I’m going to admit to, and demonstrate, my inner nerd.  But I’m going to, at the same time, blame David Robinson for my addiction to Settlers.  I am no longer addicted to the board game, but there was a time (while living in the U.S.) when my friends and I would play at least 8 or 10 times a week.  And I’d be really interested in seeing a raise of hands by everyone who picked up the Catan bug directly (or indirectly) from David Robinson.  [I know I’ve introduced at least 40-50 people to what is probably the best board game in history.]  Oh, and this article was written by a writer from ESPN — isn’t that strange?  Talk about a German strategy game going mainstream….

A Booby Trap for a Boob

So a beekeeper wants to protect his hives from a local honey-loving bear.  What else should he do but rig a shotgun with a tripwire?  But it wasn’t the bear who tripped the wire.




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9 responses to “brett’s morning blend (23nov10)

  1. Good morning to you, too, sir 🙂

    That’s a lot of Facebook. I wonder whether that’s corrected for people like my wife and I who will open the site in one tab and then do something entirely different that has nothing to do with Facebook.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is a great day! I’m thankful for our friendship. Oh, wait, we decided we weren’t friends yet…. 🙂

    • not sure if it accounts for folks like your or not. i’m guessing some people even leave their computers — and facebook — up and online all the time.

      thanks for the wishes. and a happy thanksgiving to you and your family, as well… friend. [you don’t raise your own turkeys, do you? that may be in my future.]

      • No, we don’t have turkeys, and we probably wouldn’t have the nerves required to actually slaughter them if we did. We don’t mind eating dead animals, or even burying them, or even killing them, but killing ones that we raise might be a bit tough.

        Although Trav has gotten pretty mad at various chickens for being mean to other chickens and threatened to kill them…

        • i think understanding that death is necessary for life is a truth (a biblical one at that) we miss out on these days in suburban america.

          and when “we” do realize it, many of us become vegetarians or vegans. that, apparently, is the answer… or is a way to avoid having to deal with it over and over again — something i think is important in understanding sacrifice and life.

          • Our household is pretty cool with death as part of animal ownership; we lost 21 chickens to a dog, we’ve had fish die, we had to put a cat to sleep, etc. The kids adapt pretty well. Trav, however, has said (at some points) that he wants to be a veteranarian (how the HECK do you spell that???) and he is a huge animal “fan”. They are his friends, even though he still wants to go deer hunting, etc. He’s caught, helped kill, and prepared a lot of fish, so I think he’s pretty well balanced. Appreciates animals as beautiful and wonderful while they are alive but doesn’t get “unhealthy” with the fact that they have to die. He wouldn’t eat chicken for a couple days after the 21 were killed, but he’s recovered very well and Chicken McNuggets are no longer safe from him…

  2. David Robinson

    -Dude, we’re both much taller than our wives.

    -I was just on facebook (for 18,000 lifetimes) b4 coming to your site.

    -I think you need to farm up some strong catan competition for yourself there. Addictions never die my friend. My playing has been down a bit, I must say. I think those adventurous daddy lovin’ daughters of ours must have something to do with it.

    -I remember reading about that bee keeper a few weeks ago. It’s nice to still live near a few rednecks.

    • yeah, i’m way taller than both of our wives. so are you. we do have height.

      i definitely think having a kid has cut into my catan time. but so has life just taking longer. i’m more tired at the ends of my days here…

  3. Brett,
    love the blog.
    thank you for doing what WE ARE ALL CALLED TO DO>


    Maybe we are not all called to go to Tanzania, or Tibet or Turkey…
    But, we are as Christians, called to go!
    There is a mission field in our own backyards… suburbs and towns….
    I pray that I can set the example to those around me and not just criticize them or the church for not doing a better job with this message.
    What am I doing? That is what I try to ask myself.
    Prayers to you and yours.

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