brett’s morning blend (30nov10)

I’ve been away from home (and computers, internet, electricity, and running water) for a few days, so morning blend is a little late; and there aren’t just alot* of links.  [I’m also behind on reading and posting comments.]  But the links that are here are quality, I assure you:

Youth Groups Destroy Children’s Lives

I am strongly in favor of more Christian interaction between adults and youth — which means less “traditional” youth group functions.  This article offers just a couple of good reasons for such.

Skye Jethani’s 30-Day Twitter Experiment

Basically Skye said not too very long ago that he’d never do Twitter for 10 reasons (you can find a link to those 10 reasons in this article).  But he was talked into giving the whole Twitter experience a try.  This is his first post in a series showing what happened when he set aside “one month to determine if [he] could engage Twitter in a redemptive way that would not erode [his] soul.”  Interesting piece — and check out his initial 10 reasons.

*The Alot is Better Than You at Everything

This is a great blog that I just found a couple of weeks ago.  The author writes (and draws cartoons) to illustrate his coping mechanism for dealing with regular use these days of the non-existent word “alot.”

The Iron Bowl According to Facebook

You guys know my Auburn Tigers defeated Alabama on Friday afternoon (despite having given them a 24-point head start).  And you know that we’re still undefeated.  And you probably know that if we beat South Carolina, we will be the SEC Champions AND will go to the National Championship.  This is Chad Gibbs’ Facebook take on last week’s game.




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5 responses to “brett’s morning blend (30nov10)

  1. Loved the one by Skye. I am not a Twitterer or Tweeter or whatever that word would be. Don’t plan on it either. But I will check back on his to see what he found out. Good to have you back Brett and hope you had a fruitful time away.

  2. JMF

    Okay, the “alot” blog is one of the funniest I’ve ever seen.

    Unfortunately, I now must eat crow (as must you…I’ll explain). One of my stereotypes are that women are not funny comedians. So I was very surprised whenever I found out that the writer of that blog was a girl (a really hot girl at that). You, like me, assumed a “he” wrote it. She is extremely clever — so one more stereotype that I must re-examine. Life is becoming very un-safe.

    • i did assume it was a male author — but i think i did so simply because all of the cartoons contain pictures of male characters. not that the cartoons state, or even imply, it’s the author in the illustration, but still…

      also, some crazy high percentage of bloggers are male.

      but i will admit it was at least a possibility that i assumed the author was a guy simply because it was really funny. it might have been that — i don’t think so, but it might have.

    • JLynn

      Have ya’ll read her story about “Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving” and “Texas”? Hysterical.

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