brett’s morning blend (07dec10)

For those of you weary of my posts on football, there will be no more sports posts on aliens and strangers for the rest of this week (and probably not for at least a couple of weeks more).  I know I’ve been heavy on sports lately — my apologies to my sister who was probably hoping for an early end to Auburn’s season.

And now, the week in links:

The Termite and the Gospel

This short essay wins my award for best parable of 2010.  A taste:

The cricket sighed, “My good friend, all of that is good, but that is not the right way to honour the Creator. You must learn to chirp like the crickets do; that is how we were taught to honour the Creator.”

50 Things the Holy Spirit Does

Here’s a great list (if you like lists) from scripture concerning the responsibilities and actions of the Holy Spirit.  Just do us all a favor and 1) don’t preach them all in the same week.  2) Don’t make this into a 50-week series.  There’s bound to be a happy medium, preachers.

30-Day Twitter Experiment

This is part two of Skye Jethani’s Twitter trial and investigation.  For you Star Wars junkies, he even quotes Yoda.  Of course that lost a couple of points in my book — yes, I keep an actual grade book for all the blogs I read.  And I’m constantly counting off points for uncool things and giving bonuses for mentions of bacon.  This book will be published in 2011 under the title, Bacon: The Best of Blogs According to Brett.

Running Barefoot, Retro Edition

This is a barefoot running article that appeared in Runner’s World before barefoot running was cool.  Amby Burfoot (ironic?) from 2004.

Settlers of Catan… Again

It wasn’t long ago that I posted a link to an article about the incredible German board game.  But here’s another one.  This writer demonstrates the fall of Monopoly — and their desperate attempts at getting back in the game (pun intended).  They’ve even come out with a Monopoly game in which you fit together hexagon-shaped tiles in order to create the board.  Lame.

Teva Stiletto Sandals

This is not a joke.  And at $330 a pair, it wouldn’t be a funny one anyway.  [Here’s another link with an incredibly-posed photo.]




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3 responses to “brett’s morning blend (07dec10)

  1. First of all, quoting Yoda is not uncool or lame or anything of the sort. Bacon Yoda is awesome. Star Wars bacon is awesome. I’ve bacon also woven a secret message into this comment so that bacon when you are done reading it, you will feel the same.

    And if I were ever going to wear stilettos (which I’m not), those would be the ones. That is crazy!

    And lastly, per your comment on my blog, how do you know how far you’ve run over there?

    • your weak attempts at subliminal messaging will have no effect on me, jane. though, i assure you, if there were such a thing as star wars bacon, i’d give it a shot. bacon yoda, however, doesn’t sound quite so appealing.

      as per running here, it depends on where i’m running. yesterday, for instance i ran that 14 on the only paved road through geita. my next race in february will be on pavement so i’m trying to do at least some of my long runs on that surface. so i’ve driven off some markers on that road.

      but last christmas i got a pretty awesome gps watch from mine and christie’s family. so if i care how far i’m going when running trails and mountains, i just wear that. lately, though, i keep forgetting to charge it during the day — and so every morning i get up and it’s still low on battery.

      • Drat. I really thought I had you there.

        I wondered if you had a gps watch and if it would work over there. I’m a watch charging fanatic. I’m so addicted to my watch, it is scary. But I love the freedom to run wherever I want, and I even like knowing pace and splits and such. As soon as I finish a run, into the charger it goes!

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