brett’s morning blend (14dec10)

10 Commandments of Scripture Interpretation

Skye Jethani’s list of helps for properly interpreting scripture.  Among my favorites:

  • You shall not ask questions the text does not want to answer.
  • You shall remember that the simplest interpretation is usually, but not always, correct.

If Jesus Had a Blog

Jesus is concerned with the kingdom, while his followers don’t share his excitement.  The fake comments are very entertaining (and telling).

Narnia and the Evil Penguins

The plot summary of one megachurch’s big Christmas event.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to post this link… but the evil penguins put me over the edge.  [When I lived in China, my colleagues and I often recounted tales of sinister penguins and their diabolical plots to ruin life as we know it.]

Name a Mathematical Theorem After a Loved One

Just in case any of you were thinking about surprising me this Christmas with this gift, know that, while it’s a nice gesture, it is quite unneeded (and completely a waste of your time and money).  Not because I don’t want my name forever connected to a mathematical theorem or formula — but because Pythagoras and Quadraticus already laid claim to the two I wanted.

Gene Chizik Has No Chance to Succeed at Auburn

From December 2008, Stewart Mandel of ESPN explains why Chizik was a horrible hire and how Auburn will be hurting for years to come as a result — especially because he won’t be able to compete with Nick Saban over at Alabama.  Mandel says, “…Chizik has absolutely no chance of succeeding at Auburn.  Zero.”

Paul Finebaum chimes in, “He is a dead man walking.”

Auburn plays in the national championship on January 1o, two years after this article was written.

The State of Alabama #1 in College Football

The best college football in the country is being played in the state of Alabama.  There’s not much arguing that.  Last year’s national champion and Heisman winner.  This years (soon-to-be) national champion and (already) Heisman winner.


An entire blog devoted to awesome sandwiches and burgers.  Yes, that is the best thing since, and to go with, sliced bread.  My favorite so far, Quadzilla:

1/4 lb ribs, 4 x 1/3 lb patties, 8 strips bacon, 4 slices pepper jack cheese, and barbecue sauce


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  1. There is enough heartburn in that photo for a whole family!

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