brett’s morning blend (21dec10)


Is Leadership Biblical?

David Fitch offers five reasons to answer this question, “no.”  It’s an interesting conversation, at least.  Especially when you have a look at Bob Hyatt’s response.  [The comments on both are worth reading, as well.]

I find myself somewhere between the two views presented: Leadership is indeed biblical — but biblical leadership looks very little like the world’s leadership. I’m uncomfortable with churches functioning as organizations more than as organisms — pastors as CEOs and elderships as boards of directors, leaders chosen by degree and resume rather than by spiritual giftings.  Any conversation on leadership is a welcome conversation in my book.

[Related is this article on Bill Hybels and Willow Creek Church, who each year “run what amounts to a pop-up business school called the Global Leadership Summit, bringing a stellar faculty… to teach pastors and laypeople leadership and management.”]

Google Zeitgeist

The defining mood of 2010, told by search engine Google.

Santa Claus is Real

Physics has proved it.  There is probably even more than one Santa.

Ten Interesting Calendars for 2011

The strangest in my mind:  Men on a Mission.  A (sexually suggestive) calendar of former Mormon missionaries.  Really?!  The founder was excommunicated from the Latter Day Saints and denied his diploma by BYU.  But at least he looks good in… well, basically nothing.

Ten More 2011 Calendars

My favorite of this bunch:  a toss-up between Nuns Having Fun and Nice Jewish Guys.  Neither of them are risque.  Oh, and I’ve discovered that I’m apparently a religious calendar kind of guy.

Some Popular Quotes Attributed to the Wrong People?

This blog post is titled, “Trollquotes: Or, 32 Ways to Make Geeks Rage.”  I don’t understand what a trollquote is, so I’m guessing neither will some of you?  [We, at aliens and strangers, welcome explanations by the way.]  So I’ll just tell you that this page has a whole bunch of poster-like photos with (relatively) well-known quotes attributed to the wrong movie characters (and with incorrect pictures shown as well).  Example:




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9 responses to “brett’s morning blend (21dec10)

  1. Elizabeth R

    A troll is somebody who posts something online to try to make people mad and/or start an argument. Their premise is that these faulty quotes would be useful for trolling geeks (making geeks mad).

    • thanks, elizabeth. i knew what a troll was but didn’t quite understand if they were saying you could troll geeks with these OR lure geeks into trolling you?

      elizabeth, make sure you stick around — to explain to me everything else i don’t understand about the internet and computers…

  2. Thanks for the links on leadership. Reading these two posts and their comments certainly set out the two polarizing positions. Maybe they are attempting to make both/and into either/or.

    I think the issue of how we define leadership in North America is very important. Some of what is said is good contextualization. But at times it swings too far and then syncretism happens.

    I appreciate that both David and Bob are attempting to hear and apply the biblical teaching to the issue. Each appears to emphasize one set of teachings over the set the other finds most compelling. I prefer a healthy tension of these two sets that holds on to both.

    • it sounds to me like david, especially, is speaking a little more strongly than he actually feels. i think i have a tendency to do this when i write as well. but it was a good conversation, i think. it got me thinking a lot. it’s also nice to see theological disagreements that are carried out in love and with much respect for one another.

  3. Ooooo Yoda said that, not good ole Gandalf/Dumbledoor. Although I guess I can’t run around correcting this because I don’t really know how to spell Dumbledoor, Dumbledore…

  4. Jason Miller

    The number of people in the troll comments who don’t get it are astounding….

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