brett’s morning blend (28dec10)

Dialogue on Disciple Making and Evangelism

Which is the end goal: discipleship or evangelism?  Is The Great Commission (in Matthew 28) comparable to Jesus’ words to the apostles in Acts 1:8?  Does the Acts text apply to us today?

An Interview With the Nativity Innkeeeper

I know Christmas has passed, but this is funny enough to read anyway.  An excerpt:

You’re saying the gifts were inappropriate.

What’s wrong with diapers? A nice jumper or two? A Baby Bjorn? They were riding around on a donkey, you know. A Baby Bjorn would have come in handy. Have you ever in your life gone to a baby shower where someone says, congratulations on the baby, here’s some perfume. No. Because most people have some sense.

9 Facts About the Greatest Christmas Movie Ever

A few years ago my friend, Terry Harville, and I decided we wanted to try our best to get in the Christmas spirit.  We were not very Christmasy at the time.  So I invited him over to watch a Christmas movie.  Christie was excited that T and I were trying so hard to obtain some seasonal joy.  The movie we watched:  Diehard.  Best Christmas movie ever made.

Homeschooling By the Numbers

Just some interesting statistics and figures on homeschooling versus public and private schools.  Of course the stat that was overlooked was whether or not these kids can carry on a normal conversation without invoking the powers of Yoda or removing their headgear.*

The Top 14 Astronomy Pictures of 2010

Incredible photos.  Why it’s a “Top 14” list, though, I don’t know.  Seems strange.

The Top 10 That Almost Made the Cut

And then a “Top 10” runners-up?  Why not cut four and make a “Top 20?”  Or add one and have a “Top 25?”  Some astronomist with an expensive camera is feeling left out right now; and for no good reason.

Fried Fish May Explain Number of Strokes Across the Southeast U.S.

Seriously?  It’s the fried FISH?  It couldn’t be the fried okra or fried chicken?  Or fried twinkies or fried snickers bars?  Or just the fried crispy things you can order for free at Captain D’s?

Nope, it’s definitely the fish.


* Completely a joke.  I don’t really believe homeschool kids are socially awkward.  Or at least not because of homeschooling…**
** Only another joke.  Mostly.  But that’s for another post.



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11 responses to “brett’s morning blend (28dec10)

  1. I am not surprised by those home school numbers. Did you know Julie home schools? I think Caroline (niece) knows more than me (which really isn’t saying much, but there it is anyway). They do some pretty neat stuff and Julie teaches with a co-op, so there are lots of standards and curriculum requirements she has to meet.

    I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the social aspect and whether or not social skills are underdeveloped in home schooled kids. I’m sure in some cases, that happens, but it doesn’t have to. Caroline has ballet, Spanish class, church activities 3 or more times a week, an awesome aunt (me), I think she took piano and has taken a writing class as well. And then there are all the co-op activities they do as a group. When Julie tells me about them, I usually want to go myself.

    So I think it can be a pretty great thing if done right. At least from what I’ve seen.

    And quit dissing on Yoda, would you. He is awesome. Period.

    • janie, baylor will be home-schooled. for at least as long as we live here in tanzania. and i don’t at all think home-schooling is responsible for the social ineptness credited it. here’s how i think it works… in short. though i really might make this a blog post later.

      in the (more distant) past, very few families home-schooled; and it took a very different sort of parent to home-school their kids. let’s put it bluntly — those parents were strange and often lacked social wherewithal themselves. i put forth that those kids would have had underdeveloped social skills no matter what they did for school. as more and more families (“regular” ones) have begun home-schooling, there’s been a shift away. some people credit extra-curricular activities — and i think those are great. but i don’t think that’s the answer. the difference is that these new home-school parents know how to get along with others in a more normal way. i played soccer when i was little with a bunch of home-school kids; they did lots of extra-curriculars outside of their home. but they were WAY weird and didn’t know how to make friends. it was their parents, not their school situation.

      i think the same thing is true (or traditionally was) of missionary kids.

  2. I agree about the more normal home school parents. Like Sis. She’s just down right fun. But that is the common argument she hears about home schooling – that Caroline and Caleb will be social misfits…which they aren’t. They are down right fun as well. I’m also not biased at all.

  3. Eagle

    Quote from another classic Christmas movie, Die Hard II 😛

    “You’re the wrong guy, at the wrong place, at the wrong time…”
    John McLane response… “Story of my life…”

  4. I’m glad you shared that homeschooling stats link – really interesting information. It’s good to see how the homeschooled kids are faring.

    • i thought it was a good link. i’m a big fan of homeschooling. when i was a high school teacher, many of the very best students came from homeschooling backgrounds. i also think american society is losing the importance of family — and homeschooling is helping to combat that.

  5. deldobuss

    I agree with your assessment of Diehard, and agree with your homeschool *socialization theory. Our homeschool group boasts about 50 military kids that all participate in community sports, music, and art classes. Very few are social inept. But lets face it, some public school kids are just weird as well. 😉

  6. deldobuss

    I help moderate a homeschool group on our military post here in Kansas. It is a pretty good crowd for a smallish community.

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