lollipops and a new year’s extravaganza

baylor's first lollipop -- this one store in town always gives them to her

Double Red Rose is a grocery store in town, with which Christie and I are currently having some difficulties.  Every time we take Baylor there, the girls behind the counter give her candy while we’re not looking.  On this one day I decided to let Baylor keep the sucker in her mouth because she was so happy.  After all, it had the wrapper still on it — it’s not like she’s really able to eat the candy…

It was NOT easy to take away this candy.  And there are major problems now every time we see a sucker.


My sister is coming to visit in a few weeks and, as all good visitors to missionaries in East Africa, will be bringing a few things that are hard to come by here.  You know, the usual… Velveeta, cheese goldfish, and freezer paper.  In fact, we sent her and my mom a short list of items to purchase.  At the end of said list, my wife added this one imaginary product:

  • 1 magical box to lose all baby / christmas cookie weight

Christie and I have had the good pleasure this week of entertaining a virus who brought with him much vomiting and diarrhea.  When we mentioned this to my mom and sister, my mother responded:

sounds like you’ve found your own magic box to lose weight


Baylor hasn’t gotten sick yet, and we hope that she won’t.  Her recent good fortune in health probably has to do with her extremely superstitious nature.  Earlier today it got a little too quiet and, so, I went in search of our wonderful daughter.  I found her dumping into the floor all the salt from the salt shaker.  I didn’t actually see her tossing any of it over her shoulder, but she probably did.


For the new year, the Geita mission team was blessed to have as our guests the entire Mwanza mission team.  We called it the Geita New Year’s Extravaganza.  Here are some pictures that sum up the event:

the balloon toss in our backyard

a good old-fashioned dogpile in our living room

target shooting competition



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8 responses to “lollipops and a new year’s extravaganza

  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. I pray you and Christie are well soon, if not already!

    • we are all better now, thank you. baylor got the lower end bit (and still hast it) but we were very blessed for her not to get the vomiting end of things. that may be too much information. oops…

  2. This is good stuff! Love seeing and hearing about life in Tanzania. Your Baylor is one cute little girl.

    • i had a feeling you would enjoy this post, tisha. sorry i don’t write enough (for you) about my family and living in tanzania. you sound just a little like my mom and other family members who wonder why i don’t just post a new picture of baylor every day…

      glad you liked it.

  3. Thanks for coming by and letting me (indirectly) know of your blog via your very insightful comment on fast food 🙂

    Your little girl is adorable. As for the salt, did she pick that up from you?

    • insightful, huh? hardly so, methinks. except maybe to uppity readers who prefer the nicer things in life; why do those people eat fast food, anyway?

      i have never taught my daughter to poor salt on the floor. but you’re right in saying she’s adorable.

  4. I don’t even know what freezer paper is. Does that make me a bad missionary?

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